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UK’S Longest Serving Monarch Queen Elizabeth II Died on Thursday, at 96

At the Balmoral Palace, Scotland Queen’s royal residence Queen Elizabeth takes her last breath. She is the longest reigning monarch in the UK after her great grandmother Queen Victoria. Elizabeth II reigned for 70 years and dedicate herself to the UK and 14 realms. Her allegiance in regard to her political journey in the UK. Afterward her father’s death, her uncle unexpectedly left the throne, so the Queen’s royal crown was owned by her in 1952 and the United Kingdom ruled under her till 2022. At the age of 25, she took liabilities into her hand and committed to each citizen of Britain, and ruled for 7 decades till her death. Queen Elizabeth II is known for her simplicity in life but she was interested in governmental dealings. Other than politics she was keen on horse racing and also showed interest in attain live football matches.

About 14 Prime Ministers of different realms served under her majesty. In 1947 she married Prince Philip, one of her cousins. Now after Queen’s death her son Charles III became Britain’s new monarch. Bells ringing and gun salutes out in memory of Queen Elizabeth today. All financial activities are suspended as a mark of respect for the Queen. She was best known for her moral support and service to the British people during the second world war. She worked as a volunteer driver for the country in world war second. She was the most well-loved Queen by the UK people in their royal history. Elizabeth II died peacefully at 96 under medical supervision, but she left her legacy behind in Britain as well as the world. As Queen’s death news was announced by Buckingham Place tributes and respect came pouring from all over the world. She will remember as one of the longest-reigning monarchs of Britain.

Many changes and decisions may be changed in Britain after Queen Elizabeth’s death. Charles III her eldest son is the new king of the United Kingdom. New ruler King Charles III greets to people and address the citizens of the UK for the first time. He accepted the throne on 8 th September 2022 as a king. William his son and his wife become the new Prince and Princess of the royal kingdom. Decisions regarded to a nation like changes in the currency of Britain, change in the national anthem of Britain may take place. The United Kingdom and other 14 commonwealth realms are under his monarch now. Many presidents from all over the world US president Joe Biden and China’s president Xi Jinping give tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

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