5 Best Web Browsers in 2020

Today, over 55% of the world’s population is using a browser to explore the digital world. That’s about 4.3 billion people in number. Internet is a large forest with web Browsers working as passages to find out what lies inside internet Websites.

There are numerous browsers with different features and functionalities. But which are on the leading positions? Here we have compiled a list of top web browsers in 2020, which are feature-rich, faster, and secure and have great popularity among users.

  1. Google Chrome

On the date of today, Google Chrome is the most used web browsers across the world. It was released in the year 2008 as a freeware that was written in C++. Google Chrome is widely known for its performance, ease of use, syncing with Google database, security, great support for WebKit, HTML5, CSS3, and other latest web standards. With Chrome, Google has built an extendable, browser that deserves its position at the top ranking.

  1. Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser is one of the best Android browsers; it provides a remarkable browsing experience to its users. This is the second most popular web browser in the world and is a freeware from Mozilla organization that was released in the year 2002 by the name “Phoenix. Apart from all the essential features, it has HTML5 support, Firefox sync, add-ons support, and allows multiple panels. You can send video and web content from your phone to any TV which is equipped with supported streaming capabilities. It is a secure Android browser that is available for free in the Play Store.

  1. Opera

One of the oldest web browsers, Opera was released in the year 1995 by Opera Software. The freeware browser was written in C++ and is available in over 40 languages. Opera browser is available for Windows, UNIX and OS X. It is also available as Opera Mini, Opera Mobile and Opera Coast for different mobile Operating Systems such as Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Bada, Maemo, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.

  1. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the default browser in Windows and is the fourth most popular and used browser in the world. This browser is not as free as needs a Windows license to use. It is the semi-active browser for Windows and remains discontinued for UNIX and Mac. The UI of the browser has been improved in comparison to its older versions. But still, this does not contain many advanced features.

  1. UC Browser

UC Browser is the number one most used browser in India. It has a huge market share in India and China. And, by the end of 2014, it became the number one browser in China, India, and Pakistan.

UC Browser was launched in the year 2004 by a Chinese internet company named UCWeb. It is a mobile browser and was originally launched as a J2me-only application. Present-day, UC Browser is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone and Java ME.

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