A Combination Of Innovation, Passion, And Expertise: Meet The Influential Leader, Meti Ketner

Incepted in 2008, an Excellent Legal Consulting Firm offering a comprehensive and strategic approach to the Intellectual Property Challenges of modern times, both for corporations as well as individuals is KETNER, the brainchild of dynamic leader,  a businesswoman, Founder and  CEO  of KETNER® Ltd, Meti Ketner.

Meti, is a well-known name in the legal field due to her work on key issues. The firm has established a reputation for delivery of quality legal advisory services in different fields with a special focus on industrial property protection (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, etc.) It is constantly progressing and expanding and following the key trends of Intellectual Property Protection to which clients can rely on. Strategic and progressive advocacy is the hallmark of KETNER!

Law is a profession like any other profession, but it is used to be a male-dominated turf. That was past tense. In the last few years, there has been a shift as more female power have made the choice to lead rather than to follow. A lot of strong-willed women have come blazing through and have made their mark in the legal landscape.  And Meti Ketner is the perfect reflection of the influence of female leadership in the legal sector.

The passionate and innovative lawyer, Meti Ketner is creating her unique mark with her talent and inspiring countless young women. She possesses over 21 years of rich professional work experience as a legal practitioner. With her venture, Meti tackles everyday tasks ambitiously. Her goal is to raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property and its protection and encourage the development of copyright, industrial property rights, and other rights arising from human creative activity.


With foundation stones of knowledge, faith, integrity, and trust, KETNER® has grown from advising its first client on industrial property to becoming with a notable service portfolio with a comprehensive approach to the Intellectual Property Challenges of modern times. Meti Ketner is aware that the Intellectual Property Protection sector is constantly evolving. Ideas of the future are already changing the present moment. She is very proud to show the world the intellectual capacity of Slovenia – the rising star of this world.

KETNER®’s professional field extends from the personal touch of in-depth analysis of the idea itself focused on problem-solving inventions and related patent technical documentation, supported by legal advice, expert reports, IP searches, and monitoring, evaluating, to the other specialist support in the field of industrial property rights and beyond.

To maintain a strong market position KETNER® company represents their clients in Intellectual Property Proceedings at the national, European, and international levels. Operating with vision and optimism, KETNER® ‘s protected Intellectual Property is manifested through brilliant industrial property rights reflecting the originality of its owners. The KETNER®’s coverage ranges from representation in the process of acquisition, registration, maintenance, to enforcement of industrial property rights in Slovenia and worldwide.


KETNER is a Slovenian law office specializing in the field of intellectual property with an emphasis on industrial property ( trademarks,  models,  patents …).

The firm focuses on providing commercially sound and pragmatic legal advice while cutting while ensuring regulatory and statutory compliance. The endeavour focuses on providing the most effective and efficient delivery of quality legal services for all sectors.

Backed with all-rounded experience covering the entire spectrum of matters in the corporate commercial arena and expansive career experience, Meti propels KETNER to fulfill the legal advisory role as a legal partner in the industrial property protection strategy being at the heart of achieving pragmatic legal solutions.

The team of experienced professionals is ingrained to have a client-centric approach and in-depth understanding of practical legal issues faced by the clients focusing on efficient and effective service delivery.

They offer legal advice and expert opinions, perform inquiries, perform tracking and provide other professional support regarding industrial property rights and other areas with the most effective solutions.

They represent clients in the procedures of acquiring, registering, maintaining, and enforcing industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, models …). We are an official patent attorney entered in the Register of Patent Attorneys at the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Intellectual Property (No. 258) and at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (EU) (No. 46191).


Meti Ketner has had an exciting journey since the inception of her career as she held various leadership roles in her career. What motivates her? Well, the strong leader believes, her work is her passion and whether working for the larger Slovenian professional legal offices or as for institutions of public importance and in the frame of international projects of great importance for Slovenia, she continues to deliver the best. Meti Ketner strives for success working together with a team of highly qualified experts by doing the best for their clients.

Here is the timeline of Ketner’s emergence in the legal industry prior to practicing law in her own company:

  • 2006-2009: AGENCIJA VEBO, družba za invencije, pravno svetovanje in nove medije, d.o.o. – Director
  • 2005-2006: HIGHER COURT IN MARIBOR – Judicial intern
  • 2004-2005: INSTITUTE OF SHAREHOLDERSHIP – Legal consultant and project manager
  • 2003: MIRO SENICA – ODVETNIK – Attorney, lawyer intern
  • 2001-2002: SCHOENHERR, d.o.o. – Head of Legal Department

In academics, Meti has done her Law from University of Ljubljana and different other training course from reputed institutions. During her studies, she worked as an Assistant in the framework of two international PHARE projects; “Further Alignment of Slovene Statistical Methodology with EC Requirements and Reinforcement of the Institutional Capacity of Slovene Statistical Office in View of Accession to the EU” (SORS) and “Approximation of Legislation and Enforcement Programme” (Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for legislation).

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