Blockchain Technology and Indian Real Estate

An Overview of Blockchain Technology and Indian Real Estate

It’s a safe bet regarding financial terms in 2022 and beyond. The globe and most of the major asset classes have been transformed by blockchain technology. The list continues on and on, from equities to problematic cryptocurrencies to NFTs. For example, in many countries, it has already become a part of the real estate market.

Nonetheless, before going into specifics,

To help those unfamiliar with the technology, let’s take a closer look at what Blockchain is all about.

Is it possible to explain the concept of Blockchain?

To put it another way, a Blockchain is a database broken down into blocks of information or records. The data blocks in these records are impenetrable, making them impervious to tampering. It is impossible to alter the digital timestamp of these documents, which makes them trustworthy without needing a third party. This is why Bitcoins are becoming increasingly popular throughout the globe. Because each of the “blocks” of data that make up the “chain” has its storage limit, the next batch of data is only added when the previous block has been filled. These blocks create a permanent record on an immutable timeline, ensuring their worth.

Thus, the notion of transactional ledgers was revolutionized by using Blockchain. One may be confident that they have contributed value to a transaction, the genuine owner of the same, and whether the second party has received the same or not since these are more trustworthy than regular digital or paper ledgers.

They are recorded and delivered in accordance. However, they cannot be changed in any way!

See how Blockchain can disrupt the real estate industry!

If you think about it, real estate is one of the world’s most important asset classes. There’s a story of a buyer deceived by the developer or the realtor every day in the news. Homeowners have duped even construction companies. When it comes to real estate fraud in countries like India, it’s a commonplace.

This is also one of the main reasons why the average person stops after purchasing their first property and never considers investing in real estate again. As a result, confidence may be restored to the industry by embracing blockchain technology.

Technology is already playing a significant role in the real estate sector, especially in the residential and rental sectors; nevertheless, if the business wants to progress and transcend into a whole new level like REITs or the like, Blockchain technology should be used as the new standard. There has already been a change in the building and real estate industry, and Blockchain would greatly complement that.

There are several ways that Blockchain might benefit Real Estate. No-brainer: It can facilitate safe and efficient money transfers. As a result, many frauds in real estate can be eliminated thanks to blockchain technology’s increase in the industry’s transparency.

Incorporating Blockchain into the present home-buying, rental, and leasing process will allow it to be enhanced and made more secure, allowing customers to make better-informed decisions.

As a result, Blockchain creates a win-win situation for all parties involved in the real estate transaction process: buyers, sellers, and developers.

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