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Antonella Rubicco: Transforming Servers into Super Computers

To provide computing power at an affordable cost, so small researchers with limited budgets could have a supercomputer, A3Cube Inc was Co-founded, by its CEO, Antonella Rubicco. It all started as a game for Antonella, an experiment to build a Cray-like supercomputer, using standard hardware. To do this Antonella and her team studied a lot and every single progress was so exciting that soon it became their mission.

Antonella was born in Italy, where she completed her scientific studies. During her University days in 1996, Antonella and Emilio Billi, who is also the CTO of A3Cube, Inc started to work on the possibility to build a supercomputer using standard hardware, it started as an experiment of two students. Antonella says, “We realized the first “personal-supercomputer” SC-12 in 2005 and during these 10 years our knowledge grow a lot, I studied business, management, law in order to complete my education and to be able to manage and drive a company.”

Path Breaking Services

A3Cube was founded back in 2012. Thanks to the unconventional and crazy vision of the firm’s co-founder and CTO Emilio Billi, the company was and is a pioneer in several fields with its technologies and solutions. The firm currently develops and realizes supercomputers for Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, solutions for data acceleration.

At present A3Cube have 3 product families:

  • DB-Turbo accelerates data access while reducing TCO and energy costs.
  • KIRA Supercomputer large-scale data processor for ML, Analytics, and AI problems.
  • GRIFO massively scalable GPU array for large deep neural network training.

Awards and Accolades

A3Cube is amongst the very few companies that, understood the key role of data in transforming every aspect of modern society, years ago. This vision has led A3Cube to become the game-changing enterprise of today, pioneering the transition from High-Performance Computing systems to High-Performance Data systems.

A3Cube has received several awards over the years, which proves the means the organization is going in the right direction, and it is working well. However, Antonella feels there’s still a long way to go. Antonella was honored and happy to be selected as a member of Dell’s 50 Founders cohort 2016, it was the first time she felt like a good CEO who was doing a good job. From a personal perspective, the best accomplishment is her family, which is the best place to live.

“There are no shortcuts to a stable and strong outcome, determination, knowledge hard work and optimism are key.”

Picture of the Bright Future

Antonella sees her company as a small jewel, well organized, with a happy, committed and knowledgeable team. A3Cube is the benchmark for innovation and new technological challenges. In the future, Antonella Rubicco would like to have a good group of collaborators with whom she can discuss market changes, and new business opportunities and delegate some responsibilities so that she has a little more time for family.

Mission and Vision

A3Cube was founded by passion and is driven by the mission to lead the revolution of the new data age. The organization’s goal is to enable the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High-Performance Data, and High-Performance Computing revolution. Only through new system architectures can new challenges be overcome. The firm designs the future “elastic” computation by combining its innovative use of AI, new algorithms, and applications to realize the next step in the human revolution.

The organization’s mission is to be the premier provider of supercomputing solutions specifically tailored for machine learning, data analytics, and high-performance computing. A3Cube’s products solves the most challenging problems by providing hardware, software, and strong expertise to its customers. The firm strongly believes that the data center of the future is a supercomputer like a data center, and it wants to lead this transformation.

The firm fosters an environment that motivates its employees, empowering them to work as one integrated team where the efficiency of business organization is combined with human dignity, and values such as creativity, harmony, and a sense of beauty.

Advice for Younger Self

Antonella Rubicco explains that building a company is not easy and there is a lot of work to do, there are no shortcuts. An entrepreneur must never stop studying, must know the evolution of technologies, the evolution of customers, and the market, to be one step ahead of the competition and be able to execute the best possible strategy. And another important thing is never stop dreaming. Everything is possible, it’s not easy, it’s hard, but knowledge and determination make the difference. Never stop studying and never stop dreaming.

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