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Asokan Ashok – The Professional Journey

Asokan Ashok, CEO of UnfoldLabs has over 30+ years of experience as a technology leader and innovator. Being a technology leader with his business relationships and industry expertise, he has nurtured and influenced many aspirants towards strategic thinking. As a tech leader, Ashok regularly speaks at industry conferences, events, webinars and shares his technology and leadership expertise with the industry.  Ashok has great experience in developing innovative and futuristic software solutions, technology platforms and mobile/communication systems. His commitment to and his proficiency in cutting-edge technology has brought him, UnfoldLabs and the organizations that he has been involved a lot of success, growth, and recognition. His efforts in the technology industry & thought leadership have given several upcoming innovators a ray of inspiration to keep going.

Ashok is on the Board of Advisors for multiple technology companies and plays an active role in the growth and development of the companies that he is involved in. His unmatched work in the technical industry and thought leadership has given a lot of upcoming innovators a platform to learn and grow. All his articles and laurels are just a glimpse of his vision, and profound futuristic work in this ever-changing dynamic tech industry. He strongly believes that Tech can help humanity and has been working on tech solutions that can help human beings around the world. He certainly disrupts the usual mindset of the industry as he never resists himself from doing the unthinkable.

Products – Wings to Elevate

Been in the technology industry for long and driving innovation, Ashok has been on the forefront of delivering innovative products. At UnfoldLabs, Ashok has been spear heading a lot of products/solutions that can help humanity with technology. This zeal has driven him to come up with solutions that beats the industry standards – MyFamily (Digital Parenting), SecureME (Android Launcher), DistanceD (Distance Calculator), uFallAlert (Detect Unusual Falls by the elderly or by workers), unfoldQuotes (Inspiring and Motivating your Near & Dear Ones) & many more. There are a few award-winning products with over 500K+ downloads on the mobile app stores.

Ashok has always been in the forefront of innovation, technology and how it can enable human beings for the better. Early in 2019, Ashok ideated and innovated on an amazing platform to protect families from digitisation – usage, tracking & online threats and that laid the foundation for development of “MyFamily” – A Digital Parenting Platform. This is one of the leading products available in the market that can help families stay secure. Another wonderful ideation from the labs is SecureME, an amazing android application that allows businesses to restrict user access to allowed applications on device. DistanceD, a perfect distance calculator that helps you monitor friends/ family/ colleagues/ employees based on their distance was delivered and can help social distancing during this pandemic as well. There are many more outstanding products developed at UnfoldLabs that can help humanity in their daily lives.

Every recognition for the products/ solutions and company has been possible only due to the kind of accomplishments Ashok has received in the past few decades. He has always made sure that his team, peers, and his entire connected ecosystem leverages his technological know-how to their benefits. The products really brought a change in the customers lifestyle thus helping them grow. Technology has been shaping the world, Ashok & UnfoldLabs are creating wonderful solutions to shape and make a dent in the world. The technology industry has seen the impact and has achieved quite a few awards for his vision and execution of technology solutions.  The awards have been for leadership, technology innovation and product innovations.

Business, Technology, Growth & Impact

Ashok believes that the technology will have a significant impact on most businesses, as it will shift orders of magnitude in terms of data transmission speed, volume, and connection quality. He strongly envisions that technology can be steered towards helping human lives around the world. During the covid times, technology advancements in vaccines like mDNA has helped the world getting vaccinated. UnfoldLabs built a platform for one of our clients to accomplish vaccinating people at their offices during these trying times.

As a servant leader, Ashok is very involved in the personal development and performance of the team. He strongly believes that everyone has something to offer, and the leader should observe and nurture the team members towards success.  His views around leadership and management have clearly helped him build innovative teams that are of high performance and deliver with quality in mind. He encourages work life balance, with trust, empowerment, and a personalized approach to working as a team. He is an avid listener who listens receptively and without judgements and loves to hear multiple viewpoints. His motto about working with teams is to “listen to understand, and then be understood.” He is authentic and very dependable to the teams that he is involved with, as people love working with him to ideate, innovate and deliver quality in products/ideas.

Humanity & Mentorship

Ashok Asokan strongly believes the growth cannot happen in isolation. Growth can happen only when people around us also grow along with us. He is a world class mentor who has guided a lot of technology leaders to deliver innovative products and thrive on areas of technology and humanity. He is known for his ways of handholding and helping his mentees with a keen style of observing and steering them towards growth trajectories based on their interests, motivation, interest, and vision about their lives. He actively seeks to develop and align his ideas, thoughts and experiences to his mentees needs and their sense of purpose which helps them be value driven leaders of the future. He also values this as a social responsibility to thrive and deliver better messages towards his mentees.

Asokan Ashok – The Business Leader

Being a business leader, Ashok Asokan has a motto of “Leaders with integrity live up to their words (i.e., they practice what they preach) and own their faults rather than hiding them, blaming their team, or making excuses”. A true leader never forgets that their actions reflect not only on themselves, but also on the organization’s reputation.” Everyone should blend emotion and logic to make judgments that benefit themselves and those around them. In simple, Be OPEN MINDED, Stay CALM & FOCUSED. Magic Happens!!


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