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Audi SUV Q2 – Booking Open in India For the New Luxury Car

Audi AG is one of the top luxury brands in the world in the automobile sector. This is a German automobile company with many subsidiary brands. Audi operates in the Indian market providing the market with different types of luxury vehicles. Audi is known for its engineering, stylish designs, and has many different models that are available for sale in India. One of the models that the Indian customers have been waiting for is the Audi Q2 which was recently announced in India.

  • Audi Q2 Announcement

The Audi Q2 was expected to start sales in India soon and on the 3rd of October 2020; Audi started taking bookings for the Audi SUV Q2 in India. Audi India has had a relatively active year this year and this has been Audi’s fifth launch in the country in 2020. The Audi India website has all the details about the booking information including information of all the company’s dealerships across the country. The booking amount for the Audi SUV Q2 is Rs 2, 00,000 and there are some key offers available as it is a launch of a new Audi car in India.

  • Introductory Offers For Audi SUV Q2

The Audi SUV Q2 is a luxury all-rounder which is a large car with many features and is a top choice in the luxury SUV sector in the Indian market. The introductory offer is called the “Peace of Mind” offer which means that the offer is related to efficiently using the car without problems for at least a few years to come. The “Peace of Mind” offer includes a 5 years service package with a 2+3 extended warranty. It also comes with 2+3 years of roadside assistance which means that the Audi SUV Q2 offers customers a 5-year package deal to maintain the car effectively.

  • New Market Segment For Audi

Audi is a brand in the market that is associated with ultra-luxury car models. Some of the models of Audi cars sold in India are extremely expensive and not in the price range affordable for even some within the upper-middle class range of the market. With Audi SUV Q2, Audi is trying to enter a new market segment in India.

This is going to be a luxury all-rounder vehicle in India that is not as expensive as other Audi models in India and is going to be filled with features that the modern Indian successful families like in the country. This car is perfect for the first time luxury car buyers in India as it is a starting option in the luxury market in India. This car makes buying an Audi much more accessible to customers in the Indian market than before. This car has many features, has a two- litre petrol engine and is known for its “Quattro” technology, superior handling and good grip.

  • Audi Q2 – India Plans

The model has specific requirements that meet European and Japanese standards and the Audi SUV Q2 will come to India from Germany. The Indian government has a rule that 2,500 units of a car model can be imported into India and Audi is using this law to sell this car in India.

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