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Barry Pulver: Empowering Real Estate Agents to Help their Client

Meet Barry Pulver, a Real Estate Consultant and Team Leader at eXp Realty, one of the world’s fastest-growing real estate agency businesses. Barry is a former international journalist and radio show host with massive experience in every aspect of journalism from the largest media corporations in the world.

In less than a decade, Barry moved to America without any property background or experience and started a real estate career in 2015, joining eXp in 2018 and soon became the first real estate agent to create an international revenue share team taking eXp Realty outside of North America. As a team leader of eXp Realty, Barry is humbled and honored to help thousands of people and families who move home every year. Through the company’s revenue share platform, Barry and his team have sold over $1 billion worth of homes in 2021 and presently has partner agents in 5 continents and 13 countries.

Currently, the current number one global virtual real estate team, with the strongest emphasis on empowering property experts to do more business and provide ownership in the overall company and an exit strategy ultimately for their business.

Driving Factors

The experience of being a part of the team that changes real estate professionals’ lives through their blueprints of success, experience, and network is the primary driving factor for Barry’s passion and continued success.

On the other hand, he understands this will look different for every individual, mainly because everyone has different goals, passions, and aspirations. Historically, the real estate industry has never offered many agents of the opportunities it provides now, and Barry feels sharing that message directly or visually and offering others to be a part of this revolutionary journey is very rewarding as a leader.

He says, “If someone told me when I was a new real estate agent that I could be in my office for fewer than 25 hours a week, work with clients and partners to the highest level, and have a billion-dollar business, I would not have believed it.”

However, now Barry has the honor and opportunity to partner directly with aspirational property experts and provide each one with a blueprint, which has amplified his focus on continuing what he and his team have started.

Tackling Challenges

However, now Barry has the honor and opportunity to partner directly with aspirational property experts and provide each one with a blueprint, which has amplified his focus on continuing what he and his team have started. He feels the primary challenge lies in offering a genuine change in an industry that has never seen such opportunities, and responses like ‘It must be too good to be true” are very common. The mindset in real estate has also created a few significant challenges, with a vast majority of agents leaving the industry within their first two years.

“A business without challenges is simply not a successful business.”

Barry explains, “Changing the paradigm that the success of anyone in property is due to them and not their company is a huge challenge. The importance of personal branding really emphasizes the results for this; otherwise, every real estate agent would be successful at the successful real estate companies; this is just not realistic or true.”

As a team leader within eXp Realty, Barry tries to tackle the organization’s main challenges with direct transparency and honesty. He prefers to speak with logic to remove the emotion and understand what true and honest challenges are, and embrace the word why.

When the Pandemic Arrived

The Covid19 pandemic has amplified Barry and his team’s results and growth to an unprecedented level. This has also presented the opportunity to understand how the real estate sector needed a drastic change in its approach and offering to help people during their pivotal moments.

The pandemic has also shifted Barry and his team from confined office space to a virtually driven collaboration and support platform, which helps agents to develop and focus on the importance of their personal brands. While a typical real estate company considers home sellers and buyers as their clients, with the real estate agent acting as the final piece of the puzzle, eXp has opted for an inverted approach, recognizing its clients as true real estate partners and empowering them to best help their own clients.


Barry’s journey as a realtor is fascinating; from being a relatively new real estate agent joining eXp to becoming the number one global real estate agent at eXp through production and transactions is not an easy feat.

Personally, he considers empowering his business partners to become the best agents as his greatest achievement.

Picture of the Future

As a leader within the real estate industry and soon to be the largest real estate company on the planet, Barry feels his role is to continually empower every property expert in the world to understand that there’s always something more available for them both professionally and personally. He says, “We will continue to grow as an organization, emphasizing our strong message of how we can and will personally and directly assist the progression of the top real estate agents in the world into a business that goes well beyond the next level, through leveraged tools, technology, and support.”

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