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Bibhakar Pandey: Simplifying the Entire Customer Experience

Meet Bibhakar Pandey, the Co-founder and CEO of CX Studios, a full-service Customer Experience organization. It focuses entirely on simplifying customer experience implementations and driving clear business outcomes by directly influencing buying behavior across their entire Engagement Lifecycle.

Bibhakar is an industry pioneer with more than 25 years of experience leading global and multi-cultural experience teams across North America, Europe, and APAC. His professional career started almost three decades ago with an entrepreneurial stint right out of college. Although the venture was initially successful, it tanked miserably when he decided to scale. Looking back at his initial leadership experience, Bibhakar often says, “Perhaps we didn’t have the maturity and rigor back then. But it was a good life lesson very early on  in my career about learning to Fail Fast.”

Later he joined the IT boom through a multi-national company. Bibhakar was fortunate to work with some demanding and challenging clients across the globe. The experience taught him things that he still cherishes.

Generating High Yield

CX Studios realizes its clients’ vision by generating high yield from every customer touchpoint. The firm’s approach toward CX is entirely data-driven and led by insights and intelligence. When it comes to building a seamless customer experience engagement model, the firm uses industry-leading tools, platforms, holistic strategies, and services to deliver complete solutions in industries like, Healthcare, Pharma, Insurance, and Financial Services.

With a significant focus on continued learning within the organization, CX Studio has also founded CX Studios University. The university trains every associate for more than 1000 hours before they get deployed in small PODs for client engagements.

Punching Above its Weight

The entire team of CX Studios motivates Bibhakar every day. He feels working with the new generation is quite refreshing and full of learning experiences. Additionally, the firm’s focus on solving its client’s problems and identifying new opportunities to drive growth in their business is a big motivating factor for him.

After working for MNCs for most of his career, Bibhakar feels surprised to witness, that clients are more transparent about sharing their opportunity areas with a comparatively small start-up like CX Studios. For him, it is an attestation of the company’s goals and the capability of its team.

As famously said in a movie, “With great power comes great responsibility”– Bibhakar feels it’s his responsibility toward the team of CX Studios and its clients which keeps him, and the entire leadership team motivated to be consistently proficient.

Delivering Business Outcome

Bibhakar believes currently, the most significant challenge hampering the industry is talent gap and the Great Resignation, which together are now having a compounding effect on delivering customer experience solutions. Adding to the complexities, customer experience and customers’ expectations around their experience are evolving faster than anyone could have imagined before.

He feels the pandemic pushed the digital customer experience evolution by 5-6 years. It has made it challenging for clients to keep pace with best-in-class technologies. Since Covid, few of the CX Studios’ clients are looking to change their business models and go directly to consumers. However, at the same time they are struggling to identify their buyers, as the pandemic has changed buying patterns and engagement expectations. With all these going on, CX Studios launched its CX solutions for its clients to help with their direct business outcomes is becoming paramount.

With the core leadership bringing more than 150 years of combined experience in this space, Bibhakar and his team realize that the company is at an influx point in the industry where old will not be able to hold.

A Constant Evolution

Due to the constant changes in clients’ and the team’s expectations, Bibhakar feels that leaders need to be more agile, patient, and adaptive post-pandemic. He says, “There’s no right or wrong approach – what’s right today may not work tomorrow. We need to be patient with the ongoing changes, with our teams, and with our approach, knowing that our solution is only as good as yesterday. We are in a constant state of evolution and live in a very uncertain world where continuous change is the only certainty.”

Bibhakar also added, “Companies and leaders who would succeed in this decade are the ones who are nimble in their approach, can adapt and take accountability for the outcomes to ever-changing market demand.”

Tackling Challenges

Leading an organization like CX Studios in uncertain times is not easy. Bibhakar Pandey believes that while everything has been laid out as organizational goals and vision, the firm will still have to execute and meet its revenue goals. However, he feels if the firm only focusses on the goal of revenue growth, then it might not be able to achieve its core purpose. So, it’s more important to focus on the journey and the process rather than the destination. As an organization, CX Studios focuses on making its process and approach stronger without thinking about the final result. As per Bibhakar Pandey, the final result is the simple derivative of a strong process that continues to evolve based on the learning and is executed through a disciplined approach. According to him, the CX Studios Team is also fortunate to have an Investor team who have wealth of leadership experience in this space and beyond, who also share similar values and goals for the growth of the organization.

Picture of the Future

CX Studios was established to drive its client’s business outcomes in the CX space by leveraging its multi solutionist talent and capability. In the future, the firm will continue to pursue its core purpose to scale and create a niche for itself in the Digital Customer Experience industry space.

The firm continues to grow its client base by creating next-generation capabilities and talent in the CX space and consistently strengthening the execution for driving Client’s Business outcomes.

Company Name: CX Studios

Management: Bibhakar Pandey, the Co-founder, and CEO

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