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Bizsu: Helping with Best Energy Savings Solutions

Founded in 2019, Singapore-based Bizsu helps companies save 25% on air conditioning consumption by using a very simple patented net. Bizsu helps its clients by providing the easiest and one of the most energy-saving solutions on the market presently. It does not use high-tech solutions like others; instead, it uses a low-tech solution made of natural ingredients. Over a century ago, Willis Carrier invented the air-conditioning machine, which is about the same type we use nowadays. Although very useful, we humans added this system everywhere possible, resulting in an enormous amount of pollution. So, now we need maximum energy efficiency to minimize its impact as soon as possible. Bizsu helps its clients reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. For example, the startup ran a pilot at CapitaLand, and the result showed that it has achieved up to 51% savings on their AHU in LogisTech, a certified Green Mark Platinum Super-Low Energy building and one of the most efficient buildings in Singapore.

Unlike any other energy-saving solutions, Bizsu’s solution fits every kind of air conditioning system, making it accessible and compatible for all. This also uniformizes the temperature while purifying air, requires only a few minutes for installation, fits any air conditioning system, and lasts a lifetime.

As a startup, Bizsu has witnessed companies set up carbon reduction objectives without the knowledge to implement them effectively. So, the firm also provides sustainability workshops to educate employees regarding climate change, and then according to their company activities, BIZSU helps them define the initiatives they want to carry out in the short, mid, and long term.

Saving the Environment

Brice Degeyter, a serial entrepreneur, founded Bizsu in 2019. While working on his dream job in 2016, Brice was shocked by how we humans treated the environment and amazed by the solutions and opportunities available to us. Brice decided instantly to devote his energy to bringing sustainability solutions with maximum impact. Experienced in sustainability initiatives for several big companies, Brice understands the importance of making customers loyal, suppliers happier, and employees prouder. Under his leadership, Bizsu works with some of the biggest companies, including CapitaLand, Keppel, JLL, Bollore Logistics, Shangri-La, Food-Panda, CDL, etc.

Asian Market Trends

Brice believes that the Asian market has enormous potential, and he feels this is just the beginning. According to a poll by JLL in the Asia Pacific region, as much as 70% of organizations were willing to pay higher rents for green-certified buildings. So, an increasing number of employees and companies want to focus on sustainability and environmentalism. Also, the younger generation prefers to work for an organization that cares for the environment. Another research says, around 40% of millennials have selected a job due to the sustainability factor of the company, whereas 70% feel that their company’s good sustainability plan will encourage them to work there long term. So, working for the environment is essential to attracting and retaining talents. This showcases how all the stakeholders are ready to pay a premium for sustainability; hence, going green is definitely worth the company’s cost.

Changed Priorities

Once founded, Bizsu started offering different solutions. As many sustainable solutions exist, Brice wanted every company to improve their impact easily. However, it couldn’t meet the market need for most of them. Meanwhile, their solution for air-conditioning got more demand and, as air conditioning represents 30% of Singapore’s CO2 emissions, with the massive number of air conditions across the country, Bizsu and its clients have a lot to gain by saving energy. So, step-by-step, the company focused entirely on air conditioning and devoted time and energy towards bringing sustainability solutions to maximize effect and impact. “Air conditioning represents an astro-nomical amount of Singapore’s CO2 emissions, roughly 30%, so we want to provide the region with our solution and save one million tons of CO2 in Singapore by 2027.”– says Brice Degeyter.

“They didn’t know it was IMPOSSIBLE, so they did it.” – Mark Twain

“We should not have to compromise between business and sustainability. Both are compatible, and we prove it every day.”– states Brice.

Mission and Vision

As an organization, Bizsu aspires to create fast ROI and easy-to-implement solutions to reduce energy consumption for real estate, hotels, warehouses, and schools. The firm wants to help as many companies as possible reduce as much their carbon footprint as possible.

Preparing for the Future

They didn’t know it was IMPOSSIBLE, so they did it. – Mark Twain ” “We should not have to compromise between business and sustainability. Both are compatible, and we prove it every day.”- states Brice. Bizsu believes that we are currently in the age of sustainability revolution. Earlier it was the digital revolution of the 1990s and 2000s. Now a sustainability revolution is ready to start, indicating that if businesses fail to choose the proper course of action, they will struggle. We have already seen several companies, like Kodak, Blockbuster, etc., fail due to a lack of adoption. So, as we witnessed decades ago, if businesses are not evolving quickly enough, they will face serious consequences. In the coming years, just like the digital world is crucial to our daily lives now, businesses will have to focus on doing good for the environment.

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