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Buddha Teas: Enriching the Lives of Tea Lovers

With a wide range of wellness products, including single herbal teas and wellness blends that focus on specific elements, Buddha Teas is a platform for, health and wellness. The firm has also started a new line of CBD teas, which are quite popular amongst its clients. The CBD industry is well known for managing pain, and other health issues. However, Buddha Teas decided to step up the tea game and paired some amazing herbs with its water-soluble CBD. So far, the product is well received amongst the users. Overall, the company is true health and wellness-oriented company.

The founder of Buddha Teas, John Boyd, moved to the US from England, where tea is the drink of choice. Since his relocation, he commonly found that the US lacked the diversity and quality he was looking for. John wanted something healthy, organic, and geared towards people, who are seeking relief from certain health issues. What the entire industry lacked, became a motivation for John. He knew that he could fill the void, which eventually led to the foundation of Buddha Teas.

The Steadfast Leader John went to Leeds University for civil engineering but only after real consideration and some life experiences. For instance, John worked for a seismic surveying company when he was just 18. It eventually helped him to afford the luxury of being able to travel to other countries throughout Europe, meet all sorts of people, have some insane food, and drink some phenomenal wine. Gaining that cultural element of food and drink during his travels was a big reason why John felt like he could start a business that was based on customers’ wants and needs.

John likes to keep a few consultants on hand and he visits lots of trade shows specifically for tea companies. He feels, they’re up to date on all the latest packing equipment and various methods to produce products quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, Buddha Teas just likes to keep to its norm. Like the old saying goes “Why fix what isn’t broken?”

How the Pandemic Affected

The pandemic was a trying time for Buddha Teas’ business. Employee safety was of the utmost importance and the firm implemented a lot of new cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Buddha Teas’ employees were truly the main concern for the firm and it was able to navigate the pandemic without any unnecessary stress on its workers. Buddha Teas as a whole didn’t take too much of a hit because people started to investigate alternate methods of medicine.

So, some of its teas, such as Elderberry, and Mushroom Wellness blends became even more popular than before. John hopes this sort of thing never happens again but Buddha Teas will be more prepared this time around, as will everyone.

Preparing for the Future

As the founder, John believes, Buddha Teas will always strive to stay on top of the latest and greatest but it will also focus on making the products it already has even better. Buddha Teas certainly is planning to launch more products for even more specific health reasons. Customers can expect a few new and interesting products to launch soon. Ideas that were brought to life by feedback from its consumers.

John adds, “Challenges in business are always there and the tea industry is no different.

The tea business has been around for ages and now, it’s quite saturated.” There are thousands of brands out there to choose from. However, setting itself apart is the key. Buddha Teas has to make sure stores want to pick up the product and then it has to ensure customers want to pick up its boxes of tea and take them home. John thinks the packaging is attractive and eye-catching. Of course, the best part is when customers pick them up and see that all the products are organic with only the best ingredients.

Advice for Younger Self

When we asked John for suggestions, he said, “To be successful in any business, you have to be super passionate about what you want to create. Surrounding yourself with supportive people and being a strong and inspirational leader is a must, also. It doesn’t hurt to have some kick-ass employees, too.”

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