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Building innovative Fintech products with Crassula

As technologies mature and customer behaviors deepen, the digital disruption today seems permanently rooted. New trends of consumption in the multiple fringes of the fast-evolving banking sector appear, urging us to take bold strides. Faced with digital upheaval, we no longer measure the impact of the transformation but take part in this revolution to become a player in the changes brought about by digital transformations and take advantage of the opportunities it offers to the banking sector.

One of such contributors who strengthens the fintech services industry and helps businesses redefine their growth is an inspiring woman Daria Dubinina. Today she is the CEO and Co-founder of Crassula. But things weren’t like that for her this way all the time. She made her way towards achieving such success in business leadership. And we genuinely believe her story and shared insights will uplift and inspire you.

Brief about Crassula Starting point of building Crassula

Long before trying herself as a dedicated entrepreneur who will once reshape the furniture of finance, Daria began her journey from the lowest position in an international payment system. That’s where she learned about FinTech and got curious to make her own input. Over time, she has mastered the art of strategic management, e-commerce, and international business development. And in 2014, when she met Alex Novozhenov and Vlad Nikolayev, she and her trusted fellows started building their own ventures. It all started with the idea of creating a start-up and turned into one of the most innovative Fintech companies. How amazing is that?

Industry disruption with world-class solutions

Further, Daria mentions that Crassula goes the extra mile to pave the way for creating new services and new collaborations, bringing greater value to the final consumer. Now, the Crassula platform offers three main products:

  • Core Banking System
  • Crypto Banking System
  • PSP

With a high concentration of financial services companies operating in the world, the advancement of fintech through research, technology and innovation it is pretty hard to stand out. Succeeding in an evolving fintech landscape requires surrounding yourself with industry knowledge, innovation and talent. Crassula, therefore, offers world-class solutions that are both affordable and comprehensive. “We seek to improve the ergonomics and customer communication of the users of our services. We strive to connect with individual customers and provide offers based on their requests and market trends.” This way, Crassula stays up-to-date and highly agile.

The best tips for business leadership Shared effort and cohesion

The complementarity in expertise acquired over the years and the same vision of how we see the financial industry being innovated was the most decisive factor. “Together, we created a unique skillset in which everyone played their part bringing the concept to life and giving each other confidence in what we were doing, inspiration for creating something new, and supporting each other during the bad times.”, she says.

In pursuit of growth regardless of challenges

However, like any other start-up, Crassula also faced the defining challenges that virtually affected all new businesses. It’s the speed at which Crassula team members and co-founders were able to meet these challenges and pursue their growth agenda along with the brave decisions that let us persist even in the harshest periods. Daria goes on, “We started focusing on business, staying bootstrapped, and that was the best decision that we could make because it taught us to survive difficult times, do big and beautiful things with very limited resources, and actually earn money.”

Immediate reaction instead of the blame game

When problems arise, organizations tend to seek who to blame. This method does not solve the situation. Quite the contrary, it creates room for fear and suspicion at all levels of the company. It’s human. If a person can’t find the reason why a problem occurred, he or she will shift the responsibility for that problem from himself/herself to someone else, whether it be the crisis, the government, the customers, the colleagues, the bosses, the situation, etc. To explain it further, Daria says, “When something goes wrong, I prefer not to waste time on finding out whose fault it is, but rather fix the problem and analyze how to avoid repeating the situation. This approach helps to reach the highest result, and the result is the most powerful progress mover.”

Opportunity to grow and educate together

Being CEO of Crassula, she cares not only about the company’s growth but also about her employees. Daria states, “We have a unique culture in Crassula – we call it freedom and responsibility. We value in our people prudence, communicability, proactivity, striving for development, creativity, and decisiveness. We embrace these qualities and develop them by providing ongoing education opportunities, helping each other in day-to-day work, always trying something new by developing new products, implementing new solutions, and constantly doing something that we have never done before.” By offering ongoing training to the team members, Crassula allows them to enrich their skills and study the subjects that interest them. By treating people well and fostering their personal growth, you can build a caring company culture and create loyalty.

To sum up

Daria finishes up this interview by pointing out that start-up or large company owners should not dread innovations and experiments. And Crassula is always out there to assist them on this path. “We’re constantly looking forward to new amazing clients, successful projects, and collaborations.”

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