Caroline Purvey | Owner & founder | TRE UK

Caroline Purvey: Helping Clients to Discover Freedom

Meet Caroline Purvey, the founder of TRE UK®, which takes pride in building a service platform that allows clients to discover the full benefits of the Total Release Experience® program to find freedom from their mental, physical, and emotional pain.

The TRE UK® program is a simple but effective somatic process that helps activate neurogenic muscle tremors from the core of its client’s body. This simple, empowering, powerful self-help practice promises to be one of the most effective tools one could discover for self-healing.

In Caroline’s words, “It all started in South Africa in 2011 when I found myself with 99 others from around the world in a venue that I already knew, at a time I was meant to be there, for the birth of my daughter’s first baby.”

After completing three days of training to learn trauma prevention techniques, Caroline understood that she had found her life’s purpose. Soon after returning to the U.K, she opened her yoga studio, a long-held dream which soon became a reality. With a new string to bow, she had little or no support with it leaving her with two choices, either step up and carve her own path or step out.

Caroline chose the first option, and eventually from her extensive experiences created the unique Total Release Experience® program. This program empowers clients to heal from their past stress, overwhelm and trauma, build resilience, and transform their lives.

Diversifying Offerings

In late 2019, the world started witnessing the emergence of the pandemic. Cut to the first quarter of 2020! The world came to a screeching halt as the governments across the planet began imposing lockdowns to reduce the infection rate.

Like many other businesses, the Covid-induced lockdown was pivotal in how TRE UK® delivered its program. According to Caroline, “Creating an online platform utilizing years of experience ensuring that in the practical process clients would feel safe and supported was key. It was exciting to know we achieved that goal.”

Now with online learning, new clients from any part of the world can reach out and choose to learn independently or 1-2-1 online. TRE UK® offers different options for those seeking a face-to-face experience for themselves, family, and friend groups or workplace training.

The Secret Sauce

Caroline believes that being flexible and ready to change is critical. Nothing stays the same, and as a market leader, she is an innovator of change. While facing many challenges, doubts, and questions, Caroline believed in the discoveries she was making in a unique field. She adds, “Back then and still today, I honor my principles, ethics, and values. Standing for what I believe and never making a compromise for the sake of it.”

Working with integrity helps her stand in a good position, especially when vulnerable clients put their trust in her and what she teaches. Caroline and her team at TRE UK® value client feedback and reviews and take onboard clients’ suggestions to improve the experience. Listening to clients has been a critical element of TRE UK’s continuous improvement.

Tackling Failure

Caroline Purvey says, “My biggest failure professionally was engaging people at the start, that I took on face value to support me in work, and not checking out their skill set.” She also considers saying ‘yes’ to the suggestions of services or technologies without carrying out due diligence to ensure they were suitable for the needs of TRE UK® was costly. Having learned the lessons, she now investigates and discusses any new ideas or proposals that come to her before committing.

The Driving Force

Caroline Purvey explains, “Every day, clients share their progress or story; it is an honor and a privilege to know that I have been blessed to be able to support them on their healing journey so they can and indeed as it has for many ended years of suffering, and discover a life of freedom from pain.”

Caroline Purvey believes every leader should have passion for their purpose. She adds, “Without passion, the motivation is in danger of being driven by money.”



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