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Charis Michelsen: Helping People Look and Feel Their Best

Imagine if you landed in New York from a small town in Oregon to study art and fashion design at Parsons School of Design/The New School and within two weeks were scouted to model by a photographer for Harper ’s BAZAAR magazine while standing on a street corner. Sounds fascinating! Right?

This is the story of Charis Michelsen, the Founder/CEO of Fashion Style Beauty Network.

Modeling led to acting in movies for Charis, and while on set, she was inspired by the wonderful work she saw created by make-up artists and stylists, and decided to take classes to get her professional makeup artist’s certification for fun. She’s since worked as a national and international spokesperson and product educator for one of the world’s most prestigious cosmetic brands and a makeup artist for celebrities, music videos, and movies. During her tenure as a spokesperson for the cosmetic brand, the top question she was asked was, “How do I look my best?” Charis told us, “everyone wants to know how to go from looking plain, like a star without makeup, to a star on the red carpet. So, I set out to create a foolproof scientific system that could give each person this experience, as well as answers to tough beauty-related questions that didn’t have answers — and thank God I succeeded.”

From her discoveries, Charis created the world’s first Universal Beauty Standard System™ and some original make-up application techniques. After one of her dear friends pointed out that she must put her findings in a book to reach a greater audience, she did, and entitled it ‘Hollywood Beauty: The Art of Star Makeup.’ Charis wrote a second book for men and named it ‘Grooming for Men: From Dirty to Polished.’

Charis’s two books are self-illustrated and styled to be coffee table books. They’re viewable on her website, which is They aren’t available for sale yet but will be soon.

Charis applied her Universal Beauty Standard System™ to fashion and cosmetic products and created an artificial intelligence (AI) personal stylist that connects an individual with their ideal clothing, accessories, and cosmetics and styles them. Charis’AI Stylist answers the question ‘what should I wear?’ for everyone, but without dictating personal style to anyone. She believes her AI Stylist will reduce returns for fashion and cosmetic vendors, which will help increase their profits.

Charis also developed a glossy half-hour documentary-style TV show she hosts entitled Fashion Style Beauty. The Fashion Style beauty TV show explores the exciting and entertaining world of fashion, beauty, and style and offers fashion and cosmetic happenings, history, information, education, and advice.

She’s also designed and patented a diamond-dot pattern that’s expressed in twenty colors. Her pattern contains a unique color technology that helps each color act as a neutral, so it’s more compatible with a range of outfits.

Charis added, “I would like to eventually launch a line of fashion and beauty products. The AI Stylist, along with other unique features, such as reliable, educational fashion, style, and beauty content, will be housed on an online platform, Fashion Style Beauty Network.”

Charis’s Fashion Style Beauty Network is an online shopping network, like Amazon, that allows vendors to sell fashion and cosmetic products to consumers, but thanks to Charis’ game-changing AI Stylist, vendors’ products will be directed to the consumers they’re most correct for. And users can shop for and purchase fashion and cosmetic items, similar to how one shops on eBay, that are ideal for them or their clients, if they’re a professional stylist, via their Stylist account on the Fashion Style Beauty Network platform.

Path Breaking Services

Fashion Style Beauty Network offers three distinctive features:

  • Fashion, style, and beauty content, endowed with Charis’s expertise, to entertain and educate consumers on how to choose and use cosmetic and fashion products and services for best-individualized results.
  • Curated information and news that could inspire the purchase of fashion and cosmetic products.
  • Revolutionary self-service Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal shopper technology founded on a science-based Universal Beauty Standard System™, providing ideal, personalized product, service, and styling suggestions.

And the best part is, all these features offer real-time links that connect users to the Fashion Style Beauty Network platform’s other features, so users can conveniently purchase beauty and fashion products and services at peak interest times, which could profoundly enhance fashion and cosmetic vendors’ ability and frequency to reach their ideal target market and increase sales.

Improved Client Satisfaction

Fashion Style Beauty Network’s clients are multi-ethnic, all-gender consumers of beauty and fashion products and services between the ages of 18-75 who aspire to look and feel great.

According to Charis, the Fashion Style Beauty Network online platform will provide its consumers with a one-of-a-kind experience and help them look and feel their best.

First Mover Advantage

With never-before-seen features that solve huge industry problems, like the AI Stylist, reliable educational content backed by the world’s first Universal Beauty Standard System™ and Charis’ books, which are world’s most comprehensive beauty resources, and having a founder with credible, expert-level fashion and beauty knowledge, Charis Michelsen is in a position to disrupt the industry .

According to Charis, no other company offers what Fashion Style Beauty Network offers. She added, “Like Martha Stewart, who’s the face of her successful brand related to the home, I’ll use my fashion and beauty expertise, spokesperson background and face, and Fashion Style Beauty Network platform’s unique offerings, to elevate Fashion Style Beauty Network.”

A Proud Entrepreneur

Charis has always been a firm supporter of women in business and has contributed to publications like H3R Magazine, a women’s business magazine. She’s very proud of women entrepreneurs and hopes to see more women supporting women.

Charis pointed out, “I don’t consider myself at any disadvantage in the business world because I’m a woman. As a woman, I single-handedly created an Artificial Intelligence [AI] Stylist, which a male entrepreneur I know of hired MIT to create, yet MIT failed at creating.”

When it comes to the challenge of being a leader, Charis believes a genuine leader, no matter the business, must encompass the ability to show gratitude, be a mentor, value others’ opinions, encourage others, and have open conversations.

Awards and Accolades

Charis, who’s ranked number five out of the world’s top makeup artists by Ranker, was awarded the title of one of the ‘Top 30 Most Inspiring Women To Look Out For In 2022” by Disruptors Magazine, a publication for the world’s most successful leaders, executives, and investors, named “One Of The Top 30 Personalities Disrupting The Fashion Industry In 2022” by the top business magazine the NY Journal, and deemed the new face of the beauty industry by Vigour Magazine. She’s also been nicknamed the “Martha Stewart of Makeup”, as both she and Martha Stewart use their expertise and face to represent their brands.

Future Roadmap

When asked about the future roadmap of Fashion Beauty Network, Charis said, “I want my company to be the Amazon of personal shopping for fashion and cosmetic products.” Charis believes her company will build fashion and cosmetic vendors’ businesses and help individuals find ideal cosmetic and fashion products. She added, “My AI Stylist’s personal styling feature, which can style an individual better than a celebrity stylist, will change lives for the better, by maximizing a customer ’s wardrobe and giving them more self-confidence through guaranteeing they always look their best.” In the next five years, she expects her company to thrive and be a catalyst for an upcoming change in the industry.

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