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Christine Stoffel-Moffet: Helping Companies to Succeed

Everyone in this world has a story. Now it is up to us how we acknowledge the learnings along the journey of life. Christine Stoffel-Moffet is one such person who acknowledges all the learnings during her journey. She has enjoyed a wonderful career of more than 30 years in technology. Additionally, she also excelled in the areas of operations, sales, and marketing, which enabled her to become a multidimensional transformational leader.

Many people in the arena of global sports know Christine as the Founder and CEO of one of the most iconic sporting consortiums and annual conferences in the world S.E.A.T.

She leveraged her collaborative leadership style by building SEAT to be known across the Globe as a “Community” of like-minded professionals creating life-long relationships through sharing experiences, sharing projects, lessons learned, and the true essence of thought-leadership. Over the last two years, she served as the Interim Head of Enterprise Technology at NASCAR.

With her massive experience of driving transformation across the organization, as well as for 15 years through SEAT transforming leaders and global industry, she decided to take 30+ years of technology, operations, and business experiences and her entrepreneurial mindset to launch her new consulting company, Christine Moffett LLC to help as many organizations embrace evolution and transformation as possible!

Innovative Solutions

Thanks to the encouragement of several of Christine’s global sports colleagues and friends, the offerings of Christine Moffett, LLC are complementary to each other and leverage her core specialties as an executive leader.

Christine’s business consulting offerings are:

  • Mentoring & Coaching: Through coaching and mentoring, Christine provides individuals an opportunity to be heard. Through this process, Christine provides unique perspectives and insights giving them the tools to become the very best version of themselves with the ultimate goal of finding success in life through happiness, confidence, and empowerment.
  • Virtual CIO/CXO: Christine provides fractional, interim, or temporary executive-level strategy, guidance, advisory services, and supports HOW and WHEN businesses want it. From technology, data strategy, digital transformation, business operational optimization, network, and data security, staff coaching, mentoring, training, and optimization to leading your organization to embrace innovation and strategy for business growth.
  • Interim CIO- Transform IT Organizations: Through this service, Christine looks to guide under-performing and culturally-broken technology organizations to evolve into confident, service-oriented, strategic, collaborative, and innovative organizations becoming trusted advisors across their company through compassionate leadership, mentoring, skill assessments; enabling empowerment to deliver a well-defined strategic technology roadmap alongside the business and reducing technical debt to increase the operational bottom-line.
  • Board and Advisory Roles, including Start-ups: With 30+ years of expertise, she welcomes opportunities to leverage her multi-dimensional, executive, and global perspective, with unique insights in a collaborative format through Board positions or Executive Advisory roles.
  • Event Consulting: Christine believes a conference event should not be treated just as an event but as an adventure and a journey that everyone in attendance has the amazing opportunity to experience something special and feel proud that they attended. While creating successful, exciting, and engaging events for the global sports and entertainment industry, she has developed various unique methodologies that, if followed, will take an event from ordinary to extraordinary

Tackling Challenges

As a business leader, Christine faces multiple challenges. However, the biggest challenge she faces as a business owner is continuing to create new and creative ways to market her services enabling business visibility and growth. While the other challenge is to continue finding those ‘gem’ clients. For Christine, gem clients are those who are willing to change, willing to listen and have a deep desire to be the best company they can be for their employees.

Christine’s motivation comes from reading. She is an advocate of Audible, so she can listen to books while driving, working out, and doing daily chores. Once she used to tell people that she is a great multi-tasker. However, with growing experiences, she now looks to continue learning every day, which will eventually grow her experiences and knowledge.

Motivating People at Work

Christine believes keeping people around her motivated in order to be innovative and productive is a mindset and it’s all about attitude. She always keeps a positive mindset and constantly inspires creativity by involving people to be a part of the journey.

During her long leadership career and being a parent Christine has discovered that motivating people can be accomplished by trusting, showing appreciation, rewarding, and showing belief. So, she always suggests finding unique ways to inspire them every day!

A Business Leader’s Journey

As a business leader, Christine’s journey has been filled with heartbreaks, joy, fun loss, failures, excitements, successes, and basically everything that has made her who she is today. She has no regrets of mistakes along the way, only lessons learned along this journey and Christine is striving to continue being the best version of herself, every day.

For her there’s nothing more thrilling than mentoring and coaching professionals at all levels, helping them to look at their own situations through a completely different lens. Christine believes her journey as a business leader provides her the opportunity to share her life experiences with others in a hope that they are not alone, there are people to support them and listen to them.

Helping People to Succeed

Success to Christine is helping people to move beyond their current vision of themselves and be able to provide them mentoring and support to evolve as an individual and as a professional beyond what they ever believed could be possible.

Success to Christine is being able to use her 30 years of technology, operational, sales, and marketing experiences through her business consulting and advisory services, in order to enable organizations to transform their company or organizational culture, business processes, and strategy to embrace innovation, employee empowerment, increased operational optimization and renewed excitement in their business mission and visions for the future.

Christine says, “It’s exhilarating to watch professionals as well as organizations desire to change, and then for me to be able to be a catalyst in the change, is incredibly rewarding!”

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