Costa Rica: The Best Place in the World for Retirees in 2018

According to a report, Costa Rica took the top spot for the first time in the index’s history. It topped the categories of healthy lifestyle and healthcare while scoring well in the fitting in, governance, entertainment and amenities, and climate categories.

A Costa Rica Central Valley Correspondent said, “Costa Rica has it all! It has perfect year-round tropical climate, your choice of Caribbean or Pacific beaches, mountains and volcanoes, big cities and nightlife or tranquil rural settings.”

As a proportion of Gross Domestic Product than the U.K., Costa Rica invests more in education and health. As a result, Costa Ricans enjoy a literacy rate approaching 98% and a long life expectancy. The country regularly wins accolades as having the happiest people on earth.

Ticos have established in their country one of the world’s most stable democracies. Costa Rica dissolved its standing army in 1949 and the reallocated funds are spent on education, healthcare, and pensions.

Costa Rica is already filled with a thousands of U.S. and Canadian people and millions have traveled there over the years for beach-resort vacations, surfing, fishing, and many more. With many Costa Ricans speaking English, it’s pretty easy for retirees to navigate while learning more Spanish.

With about 25% of the country’s territory protected, there is a focus on preserving the environment in Costa Rica. There is also a commitment from the government to power the country on solely renewable sources, especially hydroelectric, wind, and geothermal.

While Costa Rica wins the top spot as the most favorite country to travel, it’s just one of 24 countries examined in 12 categories, including: buying and investing; renting; benefits and discounts; visas and residence; governance; cost of living; fitting in; entertainment and amenities; healthcare; healthy lifestyle; development; and climate.

The motto of this guide is to assist the retirees to find locations, their currency goes further, and they can get the best bang for buck in terms of real estate, cost of living, and overall quality of life.

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