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Enhancing Product’s Discoverability and End User

Consumer behavior is changing. And so the way they search on Google is changing, too. The new challenge for companies, both large and local businesses, is to create relevant content that addresses consumer needs in a specific way. To be found, then, content must be smart. This means it requires talking about the right topic, in high demand, and optimized to be as visible as possible to the target market – especially on search engine results pages or SERPs.

On their side, for search engines to return the correct results and provide instant answers to users, they need to understand what you’re talking about.

Created the first semantic AI-powered SEO platform that helps businesses produce smart content that is understandable to search engines and relevant to new consumers. It is a new approach to SEO and offers a competitive advantage to all those businesses, big or small, that want to grow by getting more organic traffic and more significant customer engagement.

Using AI and machine learning, WordLift analyzes the content of your website and selects the concepts (entities) that are most relevant to your business. The dynamic infrastructure behind your website allows it to be suitable for search engines and voice assistants and to create well-contextualized and related web pages and articles, turning web pages into connected data and making the user experience more relevant.

For e-commerce sites, WordLift builds a enhancing a product’s discoverability and end-user experience by enriching each piece of content with all product details, including linked data.

With this technology, it is possible to increase organic traffic from search engines and improve the quality of the user experience. WordLift can be integrated with all CMSs, providing APIs and webhooks.

Automation is a massive need for companies investing more and more in it. Whether it’s automating content creation, discovering new search opportunities, or implementing conversational AI, you need a graph-based structure that describes the content you produce. A Knowledge Graph is a critical element of any organization’s AI strategy. It’s not just for Google, Bing, or Amazon anymore. A Knowledge Graph is for any organization that looks at growth strategically.

WordLift’s innovative AI is used on more than 800 websites and actively contributes to the traffic growth of Luxottica Group brands, Enel X, ZoomInfo, and other large Fortune Global 500 companies.

The WordLift team is focused on the continuous research and development of innovative solutions for businesses. It has developed that will be launched shortly. It will help businesses find new search opportunities and create a Knowledge Graph starting from website data.

WordLift closed in January an investment round of 800.000 euros with the venture capital firm Primo Ventures SGR S.p.A., which invested through its Barcamper Ventures and Barcamper Ventures Lazio funds. The objective is to accelerate growth by expanding the customer base both nationally and internationally.

“WordLift is one of those startups that immediately demonstrates a strong international reach, with a product delivering clear value to its customers. The results achieved and the entrepreneurial vision of the founders convinced us to support them in their growth path”.

– Niccolò Sanarico, investment manager of Primo Ventures

Quote by Andrea Volpini CEO of WordLift:

The entry of Primo Ventures marks a stage of maturity for our startup and projects our technology, one of the first AI made in Italy, into a path of the international scale of which we are proud.

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