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Eugen Lukas Gross: Delivering Enhanced Audio Content Solutions by Leveraging AI and Data Science at aiconix GmbH

A brainchild of Eugen Lukas Gross, aiconix GmbH has set a new benchmark for the analysis and processing of audio-visual content and positioned itself strongly in the market. Founded on 13th April 2018, the company has been working with a mission to improve content production by using data science in a meaningful way. With solutions such as automated live streaming transcription and subtitling, speech-to-text, facial recognition, or AI analysis of media content, the company allows people to add significant value to their AV content production processes, gain innovative data insights, and increase monetization.

The Man behind aiconix’s Unique Concept

Eugen Lukas Gross is the Founder and CEO of aiconix. He is a seasoned professional with over 29 years of expertise in different fields. He started as a camera assistant (feature film, commercials, magazine) in Vienna, quickly became a cameraman for news when he moved to Berlin. In the 90s he worked as an SNG operator and technical lead of an OB-van. But he was drawn back to the camera, shooting mainly live music and entertainment productions for TV. In the 2000s Eugen became a partner of a TV production company in Cologne and produced a long-term documentary in Northern Germany where he was a shareholder. In early 2010 he also worked as a producer and director before he took a master’s degree in media management and set the course for aiconix in 2016 with his master’s thesis.

In his master’s thesis, he didn’t only focus on AI, but primarily on the possibilities of predicting the user behavior of viewers when consuming media content. While researching AI providers, he noticed that the market is quite opaque and that’s when he came up with the idea of building a platform that curates and orchestrates AI providers and features. There is a lot of need especially in the Speech-to-Text space and they received an overwhelming market echo. With the pandemic and the resulting reluctance of media customers to invest, the government space has come into focus.

What Influenced Eugen to Start a Business?

It happened by accident. When Eugen moved to Berlin in the early 90th, as an Austrian not a member of the EEC, he did not get a working permit, so he had to work self-employed.

Again, after graduating, he initially wanted to work for a company. But he quickly realized that he might not be able to shape things there the way he would like to. Agile working, the courage to take risks and learn from mistakes, the joy of driving innovation. These are things that drive him. Due to his years of self-employment prior to his studies, it quickly became clear that he wanted to build something of his own.

Keeping the Team Innovative and Productive

The secret formula of motivating the team to stay innovative and productive by informing and educating them what they are working towards. Employees need to not only know the company’s vision and goals but also want to share them. This encourages everyone to work together to achieve better results. With clear and measurable goals that align with the vision, all employees can track progress and their success becomes tangible. In addition, fostering alignment and communication within and between teams is hugely important, as it increases productivity and can help employees feel valued and motivated.

Definition of Success

For Eugen Lukas, success is being able to earn a living by doing what he really enjoys doing. Success is being able to feed his family. Success is being able to determine one’s own life and being independent. Success is being able to constantly learn from people that you meet every single day. Success is finding your place in this world where you feel that you can make a contribution.

Eugen’s Views on the IT Industry  

The market is in upheaval. Everyone is talking about digitization and innovation management, but unfortunately, action is too slow in many areas. The larger the company (customer), the more sluggish it is in making decisions and implementing new technologies. This is usually due to the fact that too many stakeholders, who often do not have the technological know-how, have to be involved, and this delays decisions and the speed at which innovative technologies are introduced.

Current Business World of Europe

Many European countries still rely heavily on the “old economy”. Innovations are desirable and necessary, but the path to implementation is often too bureaucratic and full of legal hurdles. In general, digitization is also progressing far too slowly. But it is found that many, especially younger people, have an innovative mindset redefining entire industries. And, they are the future of a modern, high-performance Europe.

From the CEO’s Desk

The biggest challenge for me is to be patient. It never goes as fast as I want it to and focusing on just one topic is, for someone bubbling with ideas, just as big a challenge. A great team that pulls together with me keeps me motivated and positive feedback from satisfied clients is my daily ration of happiness.

Our platform aingine is the basis for all further products. My original idea of being able to predict people’s media user behavior with AI is still something I’m convinced could change the way media is produced and something I still want to implement. I want our AI solutions to empower people in all industries to work smarter. They should see AI as their assistant and not as a job killer.

Achievements & Accomplishments

Eugen Lukas Gross and his team believe their biggest success is their visibility in a European ecosystem and the inquiries from customers they didn’t know about before.

Eugen’s personal success was and is that he managed to come out of low blows, such as a sports injury that forced him to give up his old job, to reorient himself, and to have now embarked on a new professional perspective through a late master’s degree. Change as a drive.

Road Ahead

Discussing his future plans for the company, Eugen Lukas Gross shared, “We want to offer our customers the best AI solutions to facilitate, improve and monetize their daily work. We want to play a relevant role in our markets and strive for long-term, trusting customer relationships. Personally, I am satisfied when I get to lead a company that has motivated, happy and appreciative employees who enjoy going to work every day and believe in what we do aiconix and our products shall not be the last innovations I have worked on. More is to follow.”

A Piece of Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

You need luck and perseverance. And it’s important to believe in your vision, but you also have to react, pick up and listen to what customers are saying. Products should always be in beta: you should constantly think about how to improve them. If you are personally balanced and have support from your family and environment, then you can excel professionally.

Closing quote

Experience only comes from taking detours.

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