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Giovanni Blandina: Secures Driving on Wet Roads

Meet Giovanni Blandina, the founder and CEO of EasyRain, an innovative SME founded in 2013 to save lives and develop advanced safety solutions for the automotive world.

Born in 1979, Giovanni started his career in 2001 as a Testing Methodology and Process Designer for a Turin-based company, Urmet, which designs and manufactures integrated building communication and security systems. Later in 2008, he became the Team Coordinator for MotoGP team FB Corse. Soon in 2009, Giovanni moved to Marelli as SkyTechnology Senior Consultant and started designing new testing strategies for automotive products in the world of telematics.

Later in 2013, he became the Testing Methodology Designer for Marelli. Giovanni also founded his organization EasyRain in March 2013, which initially started as a part-time job for him, but later became a full-time job.

Path Breaking Products

While rains and slippery roads make driving on the road dangerous, there’s something hidden from the plain sight. It’s called aquaplaning. It happens when your car’s tires can’t dissipate water from its surface. The water covers the tire and the contact patch between tires and the road, causing a vehicle to slide uncontrollably. EasyRain intends to solve the issue of aquaplaning with two of its products, DAI and AIS.

DAI or Digital Aquaplaning Information is a virtual sensor. Thanks to the information detected by the CAN network of a vehicle, the system recognizes and discriminates the presence of various water levels on the road surface, working regardless of vehicle and tire types. When aquaplaning conditions are detected, DAI instantly activates AIS, restoring the adherence and control of the vehicle.

On the other hand, AIS is the first active safety system to counter aquaplaning and make driving safer on wet roads. Years of research and hard work have allowed the company to develop the first active system to counter aquaplaning, increasing safety and performance on wet roads.

Reaching the Target Audience

“When we approach a customer for the first time, we never try to sell our products: we tell clients the reason for investing in our mission of saving lives and making driving safer. This is EasyRain’s strategy.”– says Giovanni.

He believes making people aware that their lives can be saved is the best way to introduce EasyRain. He also adds, “I’ll stick to this vision because it has proven to be the right one, at least for a company in the field of safety. I am fully convinced that, as a start-up, EasyRain would have already shut down if it had wrongly approached the market.”

From the internal point of view, EasyRain studies the reasons why a potential client hasn’t signed a deal yet, spending hours and hours on various sessions intending to improve as a company.

The Supportive Leader

As the organization’s founder, Giovanni Blandina intends to help his team express their potential and pursue professional growth. He helps his team understand that they are not working on a project but on a mission to save millions of lives worldwide.

Since the start of his career, Giovanni Blandina has treasured the ability to listen to those who could share their skills. He has also made the most of meeting up with people who have something to teach him. He feels every phase of his personal growth is intertwined with a specific person who pushed him to be more mature. Giovanni says, “This is done with the highest ethical regard for every individual, regardless of race, gender, or color.

In addition to that, his role is to ensure the firm’s growth by designing long-term strategies that ensures the potential of using EasyRain’s technology. He also works hard to maximize his company’s potential to assure success in acquiring the required cash until the company is self-sustaining.

Although Giovanni Blandina can’t distinguish his greatest accomplishments, he certainly remembers one of the most important recognitions from his most favored mentor, Eugenio Razelli, the Ex-CEO of Marelli, who once told him, “Giovanni, what you are doing is not beautiful: it is moving.”

The Most Important Characteristics

As the leader of EasyRain, Giovanni Blandina encourages his employees to express their views and ideas to think faster and efficiently to overcome problems. Furthermore, he understands every team member knows that they are essential for the success of the entire project and the product development. He feels while skills can be bought and enhanced by joining various courses, the willingness to face challenges, the desire to participate in something great, and the attitude to sacrifice can’t be bought.

Future Roadmap

As the automotive industry is going through a digital transformation, Easyrain wants to catch up with the new market trends and is developing new 5G and cloud-based technologies to improve road safety in various low grip conditions. Giovanni Blandina also explains that V2V, V2X, and Smart Cities will eventually drive EasyRain from a hardware company to a full range of hardware, software, and cloud-based company.

He believes EasyRain can become a leader in researching and developing innovative safety systems, and it is quite close to introducing the first ones, making the organization self-sustainable.

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