Google Drive Is Bringing Tremendous Transformations In Education Sector

With the increased use of personalized devices in 1-1 programs across the education sector, the temptation is to think that technology will be the main conduit through which learning will take place. It is bringing exciting possibilities offered by adaptive learning programs that offer glimpses to a horizon in which personalized learning can be found, through which personalized devices provide content directly to the student.

A surprisingly strong candidate among these technological developments has been cloud-based office productivity tools. While lacking the glamour of big data, adaptive learning system, solutions Google Drive, Office 365, or to a lesser extent, iCloud, provide far more to schools than simply another method of word processing or spreadsheets. It presents real-time collaboration. Google Drive is a game-changer that educational practitioners have been seeking when considering 21st Century Skills in their classroom.

In this ultra-modern age, students know more about the digital age than we do, and are eager to experience in their classroom. But while modern technology has greatly enhanced our lives and made tasks easier, let’s face it, the teacher’s time is still a precious commodity. That is where Google Drive will work like an invaluable time saver and support students writing process.

Google Doc is just like an online version of the Microsoft Word suite, but it is free and has real-time sharing and collaborating abilities. And, Google Drive works as a management and storage system for the documents and a place to store other types of files in the cloud-like photos and videos.

Today, kids are excited to use Google suites in the classroom because it is the technology of their generation; easier and simple. With Google Drive, teachers can give their students a Process Checklist so that they are held accountable for their time and efforts. And, as document saved on Drive, they can refer to it at any time.

Once students stand writing each work is instantly saved. Now, teachers will not have to hear, “I lost my rough draft,” or “I cannot find my paper”. Time for hunting, looking or wasting time rewriting what was already completed. Students can easily access their Drive anywhere there’s Internet access, whether on a computer or device.

The writing process is not linear; it is changing, shifting, refocusing and going back and many more. Google Docs is completely a flexible tool that allows students to easily access, edit, collaborate and revise using the programs.

Once Students finish assignments, teachers can read it and make comments directly on the digital papers. The students will get an email notification that their documents have been evaluated and available for viewing.

Time is something that cannot be created. There is a fixed payment; it does not grow when the workloads increased. But students need support to get improved. Google Drive is an amazing solution to enhance the student’s writing and saves teacher’s time.

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