How to find initial customers

How to find initial customers

If you have just started your business in any sector and your primary objective of earning revenue is through providing services; then your burning question should, “How do I find initial customers?” Finding initial customers can be a bit tricky since there are a lot of measures and steps that need to be undertaken to get to that point. We will be discussing some smart points on how you can find initial customers to boost your business.

Strategies on finding initial customers

We will now be taking a look at some of the strategies for finding an initial set of customers as they are important in taking your business forward,

  1. Create a list – Since you have laid the groundwork for establishing a business, you would have met a potential set of customers. You could have met them through social media interactions, focus groups, and other similar instances. Create a list and add them as potentials that would help you in establishing your business. You can even set aside some time to browse online for potential clients and interacting with them.
  2. Referrals – Ask around and know people who might have an interest in buying what you are selling. Getting good referrals can also be important in getting more like-minded customers and connections that are interested in you. You can even speak with your friends who are veterans and get ideas on how to score big through referral connections.
  3. Work upon your network – You need to search for some local business networking groups and gain perspective about your domain and industry. Understand how you would be able to help others as opposed to how they can help you. Creating a connection with these business owners is a great way to meet prospects if you are selling B2B or B2C.
  4. Show off – Yes, you heard it right. You need to showcase your services at trade events that would attract a sizeable amount of customer base that you would cater to. Doing this will help you in getting clients, potential customers, interested buyers, referrals, and even great contacts.
  5. Industry events – Another important way in finding prospects and initial customers is through industry events. There is no need to have a separate booth installed for yourself where you would want to sell your services. Instead, you can just meet your clients, have a one-on-one interaction about the industry, its potential growth, how each of you is contributing towards making it flourish. Focus on creating your connections first instead of making a hard sale of your services, that might not bode well. Building a relationship is a slow process and you must nurture it with time to see it grow.
  6. Team up with business owners – You can also find an entrepreneur whose products and services are not competitive and also ask them to connect you with some of the potential customers and clients. Having a partner who has an understanding of these matters also goes a long way when it comes to developing contacts with initial customers. You can use the online social network to connect with business owners and ask them for their assistance with regards to approaching the initial customers.


Getting the initial set of customers whilst starting your business can be challenging since it is the initial phase of revenue generation. There would be a lot of things involved, a lot of disappointments, and a lot of learning; but when you get there, it is important to nurture your relationship with them with care. Make sure that they are satisfied with the work that you provide to them, as this would help you attract more customers.

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