Hudi Shehu | CEO and founder | Postjer Ltd

Hudi Shehu: Transforming Organizations with a One-Stop Solution

Armed with the desire to transform online businesses and help other enterprises to overcome the same issues he had faced during his early days, Hudi Shehu founded Postjer Ltd. which provides a variety of services to help businesses establish and improve their online presence.

Postjer is a website builder and CMS that helps to develop websites, online businesses, and blogs using the most contemporary technologies like drag and drop, WYSIWYG, poster editor, and many other features that come with the package.

Born and brought up in Memaliaj, a small town in Southern Albania, Hudi’s passion for technology started growing at the age of 6 when his family created the first radio in his hometown.

He says, “My passion for technology and my adventure with it began at an early age, and I also learned how a business operates from my family.” At the age of 14, he started creating online media and managing numerous local company websites. He also began selling Gerid clothing in Albania and multiple other European countries with the help of his family.

As he learned a lot of things about online businesses and how to manage a family business, Hudi realized that technology is the future of business. He has always tried to start businesses by providing hosting for local businesses, but he was only able to do this only for a couple of businesses as the digital transformation had some limitations in Albania.

However, the complexity of using multiple platforms during the pandemic situation has now provided Postjer the much-needed opportunity to deliver a better user experience.


Hudi believes, Postjer is unique because of its young team, which is very passionate about technology. This team is working hard to develop a platform that can be easily described as unique for all the capabilities it will offer, and many of these aspects will enable significant flexibility. Brilliant for various businesses, this platform will make it simple to build websites and online stores, handle content and technological upkeep. So, what distinguishes the company is that it is always thinking and upgrading for the benefit of the community, expanding the Postjer ecosystem with the most recent technological breakthroughs that are often relevant to various enterprises.

Mission and Vision

Hudi says, “My mission, objective, and dream have always been to build a team that thinks and works for the community, to become one in order to provide as much simplicity as possible to the building of websites, online stores, their maintenance, and the cost reduction of many enterprises. He adds, “My mission and dream are to create more digital platforms that provide individuals and small and medium enterprises with strong and simple interactions.”

Every day Hudi and his team strive for achievement, but the final target remains the same, which is to offer every customer a chance to expand their businesses online, allowing any company, irrespective of capital or budget, to experience the benefits of digital transformation. Initially, Postjer was only a website builder platform, but this year the team realized that a component of this SaaS platform would become an essential marketing tool, automation system, and data management system for online retailers.

Picture of the Future

As the CEO of Postjer, Hudi will not stop with just one platform. The organization will continue developing various other platforms available to a wide range of organizations, communities, and enterprises. It believes that during a second phase, elements of developing web applications will be there, but it will also be a part of the Mobility industry, as the company is in the process of including an application dedicated to reserving only electric vehicles to make people aware of the renewable energy sources.

Empowering Individuals and Organizations

Hudi says, “We aimed to have individuals that are enthusiastic about technology, making user-friendly products, and having a group that would produce stories in many areas of technology in our team or other people who join us. What I constantly tell new employees that join us or the team is that our sole purpose is to empower any individual or organization to participate in the digital transformation.

This is a philosophy shared by all members of the Poster team, and we are all striving to improve every day in our quest to build sustainable and adaptable goods.”- he concluded.

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