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Iman Pour Navab & Dynamise: Rapidly Emerging Global Leader in Manufacturing The Finest Quality Health Products

Together, let’s make natural products that are safe for everyone and the environment!

DYNAMISE is an endeavour initiated in 2002 by Iman Pour Navab, the pioneer in homeopathic healthcare, a visionary business leader, botanist, herbalist, and author. It manufactures natural health products with ethically sourced ingredients and is made under an environmentally sustainable system. With its heritage of serving the healthcare industry, DYNAMISE continues to be one of the leading Canadian custom manufacturers and exporters of herbal extracts, oils and liquid supplements on the global level, supplying all kinds of custom labelled herbs in liquid, oil and topical forms for Natural Health Products and Nutraceuticals.

Iman Pour Navab, Founder of DYNAMISE, hails from a humble, hardworking, and reputed background. He studied a six-year natural medicine program at the CCHH in Ontario. He is a registered homeopath healthcare provider and president of the Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada (, a not-for-profit research organization.

Aside from his business success, Iman is also a reputed author. He wrote two books, one is about “Miasma of Cancer”, and the other one is called: “An Interview with Dr. Samuel Hahnemann”.

More About The Brand & Its Exclusive Offerings

DYNAMISE is widely renowned for supporting people in converting their ideas into a final formula. Under the competent leadership and supervision of Iman Pour Navab, it is successfully delivering contract manufacturing, packaging, and labeling services for liquid natural health products, essential oils, herbs and mushrooms extracts, and cosmetics. In his headship, the company has introduced numerous innovative alternatives in Liquid Natural Health Products, Essential Oils, Liquid Herbs and Mushrooms Extract Tinctures, Liquid Homeopathics, and Natural Cosmetics.

Here is the list of services offered by the company:

  • Formulation: Discuss what you have in mind, the expert team will formulate and create your product.
  • Stability Study: They take care of stability-study needs for your finished product with several third-party laboratories to establish the product’s shelf-life.
  • Regulatory Affairs: The team helps in filling and submitting the application forms on your behalf to the NNHPD of Health Canada.
  • Manufacturing: They provide Extraction, blending, and filling services. They have production capability for the Liquid and Topical (from 5 mL and up) format.
  • Packaging & Labeling: They have different packaging and labeling solutions for your product. You can get the filling and bottling service here in different types and sizes of containers.
  • Bulk Materials: They have excellent solutions for offering items in bulk containers.


Faith and integrity are the essences of both Iman’s family and business. At Dynamise – the whole team believes in mutual respect for everyone, and as well as protecting the rights of animals and the environment. Thus, they strive to source ethical plant-based ingredients, and to manufacture products under an environmentally sustainable system.

DYNAMISE serves clients from different states and provinces in North America. Mostly, clients are brand owners that sell their products online through different eCommerce platforms, and also in stores nationwide. For the clients, the company offers custom formulations, product development, manufacturing, packaging, and labeling services. Our facility is in compliance with GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) and registered to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


The primary challenges for Iman were to understand his own weakness and fears. He means to truly realize what are the areas of deficiencies, to do self-assessments and internal gap analysis, and to make continuous improvements.

When asked what helped him along the way to reach where he is today, Iman apprised, “First, God’s mercy and grace. My wife and my brothers are the force and strong engines who with their unconditional love supported me through every step. I am forever grateful for my family’s dedication, sacrifices, and for their hard work.” 


Iman’s suggestions are, to be mindful of your actions; be aware of the impacts that your policies have towards your personnel, environment, and customers. Don’t be afraid of change; improvement is a never-ending process.


Iman’s daily routine begins early in the morning with a meditation around 4:00 o’clock. I start my work at 6:00 in the morning until 5:00 pm. After work, he loves spending time with his family, and then he reads books, which is his only hobby, before going off to sleep.


“I have a list of few books that always inspire me. However, my first favourite book is Physiology, which is the study of how the human body works. During my college years, when for the first time I was reading about the functions and physiology of the organs, I was fascinated. For example, it is mind boggling how the heart works and pumps continuously without resting, and doesn’t need to get plugged in for recharging. Think about it really, this is an utmost advanced technology, beyond words, designed and created by our Lord, and thankfully we don’t receive a monthly bill for the services that our organs perform”, asserted Iman while disclosing his favourite read.


Iman said that he tries not to think about the future, he learned this the hard way; future is unpredictable and out of his hand. He can only take care of this moment, and he tries to be aware of his actions now. As his spiritual teacher, Ram Dass, says: Be Here Now.

Iman believes, if he focuses right now, works diligently, and does his best, then the future will surely take care of itself.

Obviously, I hope for the best outcome, God willing.


Executive Award for Excellence in Natural Medicine – Canada in 2017


My late father, who was a pharmacist, had an important influence on me to study herbs, nutrition, and natural remedies. As a registered health care provider, due to my clinical experiences, I observed and learned how effectively herbs can help us”, shared Iman while discussing his main inspiration of starting a career in healthcare.

“My advice to female entrepreneurs including my daughter is to understand and appreciate your vulnerabilities. In this modern society, we put on a social mask and suppress our human vulnerabilities. Truly, it doesn’t matter if you are a female or male.  We have to realize that as human beings, we have a vulnerable side, and that is absolutely okay. Don’t ignore it, just study yourself and love yourself. If you are planning to enter the business world, it is like entering a big noise show, so don’t rush – stay focused, have faith in your capabilities, and be keen about your business.”– Iman Pour Navab


Be Here Now. — Ram Dass

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