Impact of Technology On Education System

The rapid transformation and increased complexity of today’s world present new challenges and put new demands on our education system. There has been generally a increasing awareness of the necessity to change and enhance the preparation of students for productive functioning in the continually changing and highly demanding environment.

In confronting this problem it is important to consider the complexity of the education system itself and numerous problems that must be addressed.  Day by day as technology is increasing, the problem which is created by them is just rapid and many are suffering from it. The world is behind new and modern technology that makes their work smoother and easier. While the world is progressing more in technologically advanced, thus increasing the need for balanced, bright, educated and healthy individuals but our school systems are falling further and further behind in fulfilling the needs.

With the going addiction to using technology in education, many parents and schools are providing computers to children at young ages to make their life easier. It is considered as the best way to make them know lots of things, new things just on surfing rather than reading books. The present guiding generation just gives their children a head start on developing academic skills and well also to prepare themselves for the workplace of a better future to competitiveness.

But in recent past, educators, psychologists, and different organizations like WHO have raised their voice for the concern about children using a computer at an early age.

No doubt, disability, and difficulty can be easily bridged by technology but different questions that are raised on whether this form of educating children will be helpful and beneficial for their physical, emotional and mental taking care.

We all know that there are various health problems in using a computer and other electronic gadgets at an early age. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common cause. It has a greater risk for students who are just using a computer from an early age.

Today, parents select the school for their children based on the infrastructure and luxury the children want without even thinking about the negative impacts. The continuous usages of the computer may cause the risk of eye-strain and eye-rashes that may include dryness due to not blinking enough, and get headaches and blurry vision.

Another factor is emotional issues; due to the intensive usages of the computer at an early age, children are badly affected, their interaction with human decrease. It also reduces the amount of time a child spends in creative play. Educators emphasize that direct interaction with others has the greatest impact on modern education we do not find it.

On teaching certain subjects such as History, Social and Sciences, teachers find some problems to teach them as they cannot completely fully described on the blackboard or by oral recitation.

All in all, technology is great for growth but, we have limits in each technology and should use it as per our use otherwise it may bring adverse affect on children.

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