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Jeremy Denisty – Nurturing The Business Growth With Comprehensive Consulting Solutions at Scopernia.

Founded in 2011, Scopernia has been connecting with big and small enterprises, offering them a sneak peek of what’s next and help them flourish in an evolving world under the guidance of Jeremy Denisty. Scopernia is the brainchild of two visionaries, Dado van Peteghem and Jo Caudron. They founded this company 11 years ago and Jeremy took the helm in 2020 as the Managing Director.

Personifying an amazing, hardworking, organized, inspiring, optimistic, and self-motivated individual who diligently transverses the path to achieving, Jeremy holds great expertise and extensive knowledge because of his continuous dedication.

The 30-year-old business leader was born and raised in Belgium, and he grew up walking on the path of artistic life. Jeremy started acting lessons when he was 4, was a child actor as main characters in French feature films from 2005 up until 2019, worked as a radio host, and in some TV programs.

Besides his involvement in the media, Jeremy continued his studies and ended up getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences and 2 MSc in International Management and Management Sciences. His first business professional experience was at Procter & Gamble in France, working on Pampers.

At the end of his studies, Jeremy decided to put his artistic life aside and had the opportunity to join Henkel, P&G, or Unilever. He chose Unilever and spent 5 amazing years at Unilever as a Sales & Marketing Manager in France, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

Jeremy and his wife always wanted to move abroad, so when she had the opportunity to transfer to Dubai at the end of 2019, he quit his beloved Unilever job and they moved to Dubai. The day Mr Denisty landed in Dubai he met Scopernia’s Founding Partner, Dado Van Peteghem. One week later he started working as an Engagement Manager. 5 months later, in the heart of the COVID crisis, Jeremy took the lead of the office with a clear strategic plan in mind for the Firm’s future. And, the plan was successful, they tripled their revenues in one year.

Scopernia, Making Organizations Future-fit and a Force for Good

At the core, Scopernia helps people transform and grow faster & better in a complex and fast-changing world. Concretely, they help public and private organisations solve complex problems to:

  • Optimize their core business to accelerate growth
  • Transform their business ideas into a reality
  • Find new revenue streams
  • (Re)Define their Organization of the Future
  • Target Gen Z through Gaming with Scopernia Gaming

A lot of consulting companies claim they do all of that What really sets Scopernia apart is how they do it:

  • By focusing on: involving employees, stakeholders, customers in the process
  • Through innovative methodologies
  • By co-creating the solution with the client
  • By making it fun and engaging for all involved, creating faster buy-in and ownership
  • By focusing on the implemented impact

“Our vision is to change the way strategy & management consulting is being done, and help clients across industries grow, whether they are not sure how, don’t have the people, or don’t have the time”, said Mr Denisty.

What Inspired Jeremy to be an Author?

Communication and playing with words have always been something Jeremy enjoyed and felt comfortable with, from his early days in his acting career.” When he understood the force for good it could be in business, it pushed him into writing.

Clients & Unbreakable Faith

Scopernia serves every organization with more than 100 employees. By design in the region, since the company got here through a massive transformation project with the Chalhoub Group, they tend to have more clients in Luxury, Retail, and Consumer Goods.

List of 10 current and past clients:

  • Chalhoub Group, the organization itself as well as many of their portfolio brands individually: Faces, Lacoste, Tumi, Level Shoes, etc.
  • Trafalgar Luxury Group (distributors of Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Chopard, and many other luxury brands in the Middle East)
  • Mapyr (leading distributors of baby gear brands in the Middle East)
  • Sprecher Berrier Group of Companies (distributor of perfume brands)
  • Unilever Middle East
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • BNP Paribas
  • Engie Mescat
  • Aliaxis (global leader in water and energy solutions)
  • Cartamundi Group (worldwide leader in card and board games)

While discussing how he assures the faith of the clients, Jeremy apprised, “We have 0 compromises on delivery quality and our clients know it. We are 100% reliable, strive to deliver above expectations, always, and consider ourselves as advisors rather than contractors. That mindset is a standard in our organization. On top of that, we don’t price based on hours spent but fixed on the value created.”

Hurdles on the Way

When asked about his initial challenges, Jeremy Denisty said, “The primary challenge was to re-think who we were going to serve, helping them solve which problems. We re-focused our organization on business growth and transformation (what it was initially founded on) and managed the pivot with success.”

The Driving Force

Here are the 10 things that so far worked out for Jeremy Denisty and led him to where he is today.

  1. Having focus: single-minded focus will put you closer to your goal(s)
  2. Be curious: be open-minded and learn new things every day
  3. See the world through others’ eyes: search for new perspectives, whether it is to innovate or to empathize
  4. Strive for perfection: never settle for average, details matter and will make a difference
  5. Be loyal and operate with integrity: great leaders will want you at their side, trust unlocks everything
  6. Hard work is easy: be disciplined, commit to yourself and what you can accomplish.
  7. Live multiple lives: be open to new opportunities, pivot, change, add, and subtract
  8. Don’t let failures take you down: they are part of the process, they exist to make us better, smarter, and more mature.
  9. Leverage every skill you have: what do you do better than 99% of the people you know?Figure it out, leverage it.
  10. Love, and be loved: nurture relationships, listen more than you talk, be truthful, thankful, and genuinely happy for the success of others

“On top of that, I’ve had the chance to be trusted by amazing mentors. Dado Van Peteghem in particular, our Founding Partner, has put his trust in me to lead this office, and I am very thankful for that”, shared Mr Jeremy Denisty.

Favorite Book

Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath

Future Roadmap

Jeremy Denisty is focused on building a niche boutique consulting firm with exceptional people, delivering unparalleled quality of work. He believes in changing the way consulting has been done for the last 50 years.

Besides, in the coming 3 years, he would also like to open a pro-bono vertical with a dedicated team, helping social and purposeful entrepreneurs & businesses to grow in the region.

Awards & Milestones

Jeremy proudly shared, The first book, Written and published by our Founding Partners, “Digital Transformation: A model to master digital disruption” (2012) is an international bestseller sold in more than 55 countries.

And, Scopernia’s Founding Partner, Jo Caudron’s last book “The World is Round: An optimistic master plan for the transformation of business and society” (2020) has won a Management Book of the Year award.

It was published the day the lockdown started, and it appeared most transformations that he had thought of for the next 10 years happened in 10 days because of COVID.

A Piece of Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

Reach out and get in touch with female entrepreneurs that are a bit further in the journey. Don’t go at it alone, there are many brilliant entrepreneurs out there, reach out, get support, share your ideas, listen to others that have done it, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Favourite Quote 

“A plan without execution is the slowest route to victory. Execution without a plan is the noise before defeat.”– Sun Tzu

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