Julio Gonzalez

Julio Gonzalez: A World-Class Leader Safeguarding Accounting with Integrity and Excellence for Businesses

A veteran leader, speaker, and advisor in the accounting field with holistic knowledge and exceptional financial insights, meet the charismatic leader, Julio Gonzalez, the Founder and CEO of Engineered Tax Services, Inc.

Julio, National Tax Reform Expert, founded Engineered Tax Services, Inc., (ETS) to marry the science of engineering with the principles of tax and accounting.

He is well-known as one of the Top 100 most influential people in Accounting by Accounting Today. Julio successfully acquired The Growth Partnership, The Rosenberg Survey, and ABLE CRM in 2020 to establish the largest specialty tax and consultative firm to the CPA community nationwide. He anticipates two more acquisitions by year-end 2021 to continue to drive more services to the accounting community.

Key Highlights from Julio’s Impeccable Journey

In 2021, Mr. Gonzalez founded Rockerbox to bring the accounting industry best-in-class resources in employment retention credits and work opportunity training credits.

He is known as the nation’s forefather of specialty tax services. He and his company have recently received recognition for their assistance in preserving jobs in the United States. Julio also started the Gonzalez Family Office to invest in the United States Infrastructure while providing a platform for his charities. Today, he and ETS are the country’s largest licensed engineering tax resource to 1000s of CPA firms nationally. These tax services are critical to creating, preserving, and maintaining U.S. jobs.

About Engineered Tax Services

Established in 2001, Engineered Tax Services is the Nation’s Premier Tax Credit and Incentive Firm. It is the only professionally licensed engineering firm that provides best-in-class specialty tax services to CPAs and their clients nationally. It offers sophisticated strategies like cost segregation, the research and development tax credit, and other specialized tax credits and incentives, allowing them to retain more working capital and drive profitability. The experience in the field is unmatched, and it has the highest level of success under IRS scrutiny.

Julio’s vision to first bring awareness to mainstream America through the education of accounting firms across the country has been accomplished effectively. Over the decades, Engineered Tax Services has become the country leader in these services that increase cash flow to allow job growth and expansion. “I am currently working on the tax reform blueprint with Congress and Senate. I am most proud of the incredible team that has grown with me and the firm over the past decade”. 

As a licensed engineering firm, one must meet and exceed the professional standards set by the National Board. With over two decades in business, and a team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and engineers, one can rest assured that they will get the highest level of service and professionalism coupled with the highest possible tax savings of any provider in the industry.

The Journey of a Dream to a Reality

Julio aimed to help small businesses gain access to sophisticated tax credits and incentives. “When I founded ETS, my dream was to reward the great behaviour of small business owners with substantial tax benefits. I established ETS to bring to mainstream America specialized engineering tax studies that historically had only been available to Fortune 500 and public companies through major national accounting firms. If you buy real estate, create innovation, generate employment, or establish energy efficiency in the United States, you can be rewarded by federal, state, and local tax incentives that allow you to save huge sums of money, which result in better GDP and job creation for the United States.

His advocacy for the economic underdog in the United States has received recognition. In April 2021, ETS received an award from the National Minority Business Council that cited its role as a prominent minority-owned business in the United States because of its advocacy for small businesses, which continues to this day.

I’m proud every day that during the pandemic, we have been able to deliver a tremendous amount of tax benefits to small business owners via Employee Retention Tax Credits and other strategies to keep their doors open and keep up hope during unparalleled times,” he said. “We’ve helped all these small business owners survive.

This year, Jeffrey Pawlow was promoted to President to lead the strategic development and management of the Engineered Advisory family of companies, including ETS, The Growth Partnership, and ABLE.

“Reflecting on ETS’ proud history for the past 20 years, I can’t help but look ahead at what we can accomplish in the marketplace with our combined resources and our commitment to outperforming for clients. ETS is uniquely positioned with its combined tax and engineering expertise to deliver maximum tax benefits to American businesses, and I look forward to working with Julio Gonzalez to achieve our full potential”, stated Jeffrey

Challenges are the Driving Force

Challenges are a part of the journey. Each day is a new challenge. Be it keeping the business relevant, COVID-19 pandemic, working from home, changing tax law, changing employment law, competition, the evolution of the industry, all these challenges give the motivation to keep moving forward. The hurdles look like a puzzle that leaders have to solve every day.

Also, ETS conducts contests and events to keep the team innovative and productive at work. The team actively participates, creating a fun-filled environment and fostering a positive working environment.

Furthermore, the firm constantly invests in innovations to make its services more competitive in a maturing industry. It integrates efficient and sustainable solutions for the next decade of success.

Words of Wisdom

Julio Gonzalez defines success as doing what one loves and enjoying its process. He aims at working hard and being surrounded by excellent employees. To the budding and aspiring entrepreneurs, his advice is to work harder than your competition. Also, as a leader, it is imperative to keep evolving with the present times and stay up-to-date.

The Current Landscape of the Market 

The landscape is forever changing as new Presidents and Congress looks to change the tax law and tax code. Julio Gonzalez works daily in DC with Congress and the Administration to assist while making sure the tax laws are helpful for small business owners.

Julio’s point of view on the current business world of Europe: Our country works with Europe to constantly evolve and match tax laws for international companies that are super exciting.

The Plan Ahead

It is a blessing as an entrepreneur to bring value to the employees and their families while also investing in your local communities. 

Engineered Tax Services will continue to grow and support all small businesses while educating them of the current tax laws with their CPAs and accounting firms to assure their success.

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