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Professor, Honorary Doctor of Art, Olga Mroz, Dame of Honour is Professor and Director at Open World and Art Business Program in Al-Khalifa Business School (UK), the Editor and Chief of AKBS Journal. Professor Olga Mroz is Board Member delegate of Art and Culture of the Private Council of H.H. Prince Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf. She is a VIP member of the Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summits. She is a Gold Ambassador of Books for Peace and Global Ambassador CEC – Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, UK. She lives in Germany, is a speaker, author, collector, and artist. Her paintings are in private collections around the world.

Based on the recommendation of the board of trustees and the governing council of the Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) she is an honorary member in the Board Advisors of the Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI).

Professor Olga Mroz is co-author in the international project – Book “Tough Roads Create Tough People” under the leadership of Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw, UK. She is officially the #1 international Best-Selling Co-Author “of Cracking the Rich Code”. Main authors of this unique project – World`s Top 20 success strategist Jim Britt, Star of the HIT TV Show Shark Tank Kevin Harrington, endorsed by Tony Robbins, USA.

She used to be a representative of many artists in Europe for many years, and she is dedicated to developing and managing various art projects now.

She has been part of many charitable activities and has greatly contributed to helping those in need. She wrote many articles about the expression of art as freedom, experiment and surprise. She pays a lot of attention to topics that are exciting to her this includes “Education” and “Women empowerment.” She has been awarded by the IME in the Women’s Empowerment category – for her helping women entrepreneurs have a social impact around the world.

Professor Olga Mroz has been awarded for outstanding vision, dedication, and success along with extraordinary leadership and advisory skills, excellent cooperation, and support to Global Family and the Royal office. She is certified for activities and participation in Covid-19-Program by Harvard Medical School. Professor Olga Mroz is recognized among 50 outstanding women from around the world in “Powerhouse Global Stars 2021” and the CIO TIMES Magazine recognized her as “THE MOST SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS WOMEN TO WATCH 2021.

Professor Olga Mroz received the Award “GLOBAL IMPACT LEADER of the Year 2022” and recognised by Powerhouse Global as a difference maker in the world.

Al-Khalifa Business School, where Professor Olga Mroz works, is focused on digital learning with a new approach, with Innovation in business learning in different areas of Business.

Professor Olga Mroz was glad to share her experience with Tycoon Success Magazine.

It has always been important for me to do what I like, to reveal my talent, to feel my potential. My moto in life is „If you love what you do, you will be successful”. I clearly know that I want to contribute to improve people’s lives, make the world more open, bring art, knowledge and culture to the younger generation.

As a director of Open World Program in Al-Khalifa Business School, I work under the supervision of AKBS Chairman and Founder H.E. Professor Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Nunez. H.E. Professor Sir Manuel is a lawyer and journalist with an MBA and more than 300 courses and specialisations in different areas from IVY league and Elite Business Schools.

During the acute situation of the Pandemic, we have developed together a new project “Art and positive emotions – key success” aimed at improving the work of the team and the working atmosphere in companies.

A new method that we have proposed for companies is Art Therapy in the Workplace. It made it possible to solve important topics creatively – to bring employees together, improve the climatic atmosphere, remove internal conflicts, awaken concentration and imagination. All these factors have helped to raise the productivity level and efficiency of firms. However, a radical change was required in the management of firms and, above all, the leaders themselves.

Now the economy is growing again and organizations are looking for new market leaders that meet modern requirements. The Leader of the future must rely on teamwork and the positive consequences that flow from it, be highly motivated and possess emotional intelligence.

We need to know that the new generation of leaders will be different. Who are they, leaders of the future? These are young people – talented, successful, with a high potential for professionalism. In close conversations with students and young employees of various companies, I made the following conclusions. A successful leader of the future quickly adapts to changes and learns new things, has the resources to overcome uncertainty and forms a vision for the future. He has the skills to remotely manage teams and knows how to choose a competitive strategy in uncomfortable discussions. The leader of the future is tolerance, flexibility, and trust.

I would like to note that if we want to make changes in the world, we must change ourselves. It is crucially important for the people to make changes in their vision and style of life continuously. We must adapt to the progressive evolution of global informational technologies. This will contribute to a strong and successful economy around the globe. Thus, first, the middle and old generations should be in line with the modern world. Changes in us will positively affect our youth which is our future.

As for me, I am open to all innovations of the world. I am inquisitive, I want to learn a lot of new things. I strive to learn and do not hesitate to ask students for help. I’m working on myself all the time.

As for me, I am open to all innovations of the world. I am inquisitive, I want to learn a lot of new things. I strive to learn and do not hesitate to ask students for help. I’m working on myself all the time.

I am calling all young people:

Please define your goals, values, and desires, and stay in harmony with yourself. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, failures, and defeats on the road to success. Each of you has the ability to influence the future of our planet. You are the pillars of the globe. You are the Leaders of the future

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