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Leian Harosky: Building Life-long Relationships

Every individual deserves to build wealth and financial freedom through real estate, either by investing in a house or buying a home to retire in. Many realtors in the industry offer to make this dream into reality, but few have earned a name in the market through remarkable strategies blended with kindness.

Leian Harosky—the principal broker and Owner of Harosky Homes LLC—is one such compassionate business leader who has remarkably contributed in bringing her decades of experience to the local real estate landscape. Through her venture, she and her team have dedicatedly worked to help current and prospective homeowners make their dreams come true. It is a full-service real estate office conducting various real estates seminars such as home buying, home selling, 1031 exchange, luxury transactions, shortfall and lender sale. Her team holds expertise in home buying and selling, 1031 exchanges, short sales, and Veterans Affairs (V.A.) home purchases.

Moreover, her company arranges buying seminars to talk about all the details involved with the process so prospective clients are ready when looking to buy and sell properties, as well as learn about rental property strategies, and Oahu market trends. It also assists a lot of military families stationed in Hawaii.

Into the Shoes of Leian

At the age of 28, Leian worked at a U.S. Embassy in an Islamic country where she had coveted security clearance and received vital training. This experience helped her to build relationships with multiple countries and an array of people, as she kept up with foreign affairs and helped employees of the embassy with housing needs. She recalls, “I grew up on a farm, so that helps me remain grounded and down to earth, we treat the business and our clients like a family. Through my business, I believe in giving back so I give to organisations and feel to promote goodness to others to create a better world.” She is one of the VA educators for veterans, active military and their dependents and teaches two times a month at VA centers and once a week inside a military base. As Harosky Homes LLC includes four retired military officers on its team, Leian explains the diversity within the company shines through as everyone can speak different languages. The staff can speak Tagalog, Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Thai, and Korean to further assist clients.

Leian cherishes every day of her life; she feels blessed to have an exemplary team through which she can help many people to have their dream home. “The balance in work life is a big factor was the reason why I choose to pursue a career in real estate,” Leian adds. But the work is not as simple as it seems. She states that the primary challenge that she faces is establishing everything from scratch, and later finding good vendors to work together as a team, as it is crucial. There is a need for good vendors that work as hard for the company as the company works for their clients. Fortunately, Harosky’s Homes has a diverse group of realtors who vary in age, ethnicity, and culture but work together to create a promising experience for their clients.

Building lifelong Relationships

Leian has completed almost 18 years in the business, since then she has developed various abilities including being multilinguistic. Growing up with a diverse family and being exposed to various cultures helped her learn and adapt quickly, be respectful and think differently while helping people. Her diverse background also helped her in connecting with a distinctive range of people. Most of her clients whom she has assisted have been able to resell their properties and make money because of her strategies and brainstorming sessions. Firstly, she prefers to educate everyone on the significance of a true team effort, and later provide them with the crucial education to equip clients with achieving their real estate goals; be it a home to retire in or an investment. Her clients can benefit from the energy, creativity, and technology reach that Harosky Homes LLC brings to the industry. It has directed thier attention on building local relationships and immersing itself in the community by focusing on leveraging their professional sphere to expand the local network.

Leian has been awarded Hawaii Women Means Business 2019 along with the listing in AREAA A-list 2022; number 1 closed transaction in Hawaii; and number 3 in sales & volume. She has also earned the Soaring Eagle Award and Fallen Warrior Award. Moreover, Leian is also a real estate investor with experience working internationally, as well as with the U.S. State Department, US Embassy in Asia assigning houses for Military Diplomats and Foreign Service Officers. “So, with that government and corporate background, I learned how to be discreet and diplomatic,” she asserts.

A Glimpse into the Future 

Leian is planning to establish a non-profit organization called Helping O’Hana and Untraffick. She envisions expanding to other branches to share their experience in helping others find a home and contribute to orphanages and their non-profit organizations. She looks forward to getting more involved in the local community and giving back. She believes that a woman should not fear and embrace their womanhood and not let themselves get pushed aside because they are female. “You can think like a man and act like a lady. You are more powerful than you think.” she states.

To conclude, we can state that Leian is instilled with the importance of homeownership, equity, and property maintenance, and believes in running an ethical and honest business. “If there is no space for you in whatever you intend to do, then create space and invite them to your space,” she adds.

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