Liliane Mubanga

Liliane Mubanga: Solving Cllient’s Legal Issues

Meet Liliane Mubanga, a result-oriented and passionate lawyer spearheading Thambwe-Mwamba & Associates in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Liliane completed her education in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which makes her a prime example of DRC’s world-class educational system. She holds a law degree from the University of Lubumbashi, majoring in Judicial and Private law.

After obtaining her law degree, Liliane applied for a registration as a lawyer to join the Bar Association of Kinshasa/Gombe as a trainee lawyer in Law firm BOKUMA & KENEM. Once Liliane earned her aptitude certificate for a lawyer, she renewed her registration and obtained the inscription to the Roll. Then, a law firm named John Claude Crespy and Associates recruited her as an associate, which acted as a stepping stone for her to enter the world of real estate law and other real estate contracts. Later, when the partners of the said firm decided to separate, Liliane moved to Thambwe-Mwamba & Musafiri Law firm.

With time Liliane has obtained her certificate of competence in production sharing and oil rent law, a certificate in Insurance and public procurement, and a Master’s Degree in Commercial law from Robert Kennedy College, Zurich, and Salford University, Manchester. She has also taken a course in leadership and personal development. Liliane is currently training in Financial Analysis at ICCF (HEC- Paris online courses).

A Law firm with Human Face

In 2005, when the partner Thambwe-Mwamba decided to create his own firm under the name “THAMBWE-MWAMBA & Associates”, he asked Liliane to manage the firm, since at the time, he held a ministerial position in the government.

Thambwe-Mwamba & Associates combines the ability to leave a personal mark in its relationship with the client and professionalism when it comes to handling businesses. With the ever-changing complex world of legal matters, the law firm’s members keep increasing their knowledge base in different matters, maintaining a multidisciplinary vocation. The synergy of its skilled members, reinforced by external consultants recognized for their specialties, enables the law firm to master a broad area of law.

Tackling Organizational Challenges

As Liliane had no prior experience in managing a company, initially leading a firm like Thambwe-Mwamba proved to be a challenge for her. At first, there were several challenges like choosing competent and intelligent collaborators, creating a portfolio of confident and satisfied clients, and establishing/maintaining the reputation, which was already well established due to the founder’s reputation. Although her task was stressful and exciting, Liliane had confidence in herself from the start, which was further reinforced by the founder’s trust and support.

Solving Legal Issues and Staying Competitive

Thambwe-Mwamba & Associates offers the traditional lawyer services in criminal, commercial, and civil matters, with good expertise in: Labor and Social security law, Mining and hydrocarbons law, Business and Corporate law, Tax law, Real-estate law, Insurance law, criminal law, Family law, special procedures, legal audit, etc. As a senior executive of her law firm, Liliane’s main objective is to look after the firm’s growth and gain a competitive advantage over its competitors with great expertise in several areas of law.

With a small but competent team of seven attorneys, the law firm offer integrated services. This team of attorneys brings the needed experience from various verticals. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, the law firm is now standing tall, with a solid reputation, and is well quoted on Kinshasa’s market.

“There are many changes to face, and for each area of life for each change, the law is present, and the need for a professional will also be present.”

Liliane Mubanga sees this as the result of years of sacrifice, sharing, and complementarity between the members. So, the client is entirely entrusted to the lawyer who is best equipped to give the necessary advice and appropriate opinions a case requires.

She feels that the area of consulting is very competitive, so it is extremely important to be armed with courage and patience to build yourself and your business in the long term.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

As per Liliane, one must have a love for him/herself, for others, and for what they do to achieve it. Liliane Mubanga makes her own what Saint Augustine said: “Have in your heart the root of love, from this root nothing bad can come out.”

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