Martin Wachter, the CEO of GoldenRace

Martin Wachter: Leading the World of Virtual Sports and Betting Solutions

With the intent of offering the first real sportsbook with a virtual outcome, Martin Wachter, the CEO of GoldenRace founded the company. GoldenRace is a world-leading developer and provider of award-winning virtual sports and betting solutions for land-based and online operators. Based on its target of offering a real sportsbook, Martin and his team created realistic odds, and their virtual sports engage players constantly, generating more than 25 million bets per day through the firm’s partners around the globe. 


The company’s bestseller is its virtual football league. Apart from virtual football GoldenRace is also one of the global market leaders in pre-recorded video sports, and its games have been licensed and certified in the most demanding jurisdictions. They are currently available in over 50,000 shops and on more than 400 websites.


The Man Behind the Company


Martin was born and raised in a small village in the Austrian mountains, and since childhood, he has dreamed of creating something big. Martin is comfortable adjusting to any situation and doesn’t get flustered easily when faced with unexpected challenges.


After finishing school Martin began working in sales for an insurance company and from day one, he loved to sell; he considers it one of his strongest talents. Martin started to learn about this business and what he does today in another company but bringing his idea was proving to be difficult. So, becoming an entrepreneur gave him the chance to achieve all his dreams and share his experience with others.


Martin also feels that to be successful in business, and in private it is important to not only be financially healthy, but people should also keep themselves fit mentally and physically. For those reasons, Martin does several different sports and studies a lot about food and diets.


Ensuring Client Satisfaction


Martin feels, one of the good things about Golden Race, is the company has clients in all areas of the world – those small businesses with dreams of becoming big, like Martin himself in the past, and also larger clients who are leaders in the market. Martin and his team at GoldenRace don’t differentiate or make decisions about where they are now – they look at their potential, their future, and where they want to go.


In terms of unbreakable faith, GoldenRace’s clients know that the firm takes responsibility for mistakes related to its products and that the firm keeps its word through the good and the bad. An agreement is an agreement and this is how Martin and his colleagues work.


Tackling Primary Challenges


During the early days, Martin and his partner decided to fund the business without any external funds, which posed a lot of challenges for the firm. It was a very challenging time to be able to employ new people as the business wasn’t big enough. Martin and his partner had to do jobs on the side to finance their dream and pay the employees on time.

The first 8 years were very difficult for both of them, as they worked every day and the outcomes were not as expected, but they never gave up, and then things changed for the good and now they have built something big.


Martin says, “The challenges grow, the team grows and it’s a big responsibility when you know that your 300 employees are counting on their jobs to support themselves and their families and children.” He also adds, “We’ve worked hard to be in a good position and have an amazing business – even the pandemic didn’t stop us from having so many employees.”


A Balanced and Equal Industry


When it comes to creating a balanced and equal industry, Martin’s first suggestion is to reinforce that companies are successful thanks to the people that work in them – the boss is just one person. Happy employees are the cause of a successful business. In his view, one should never ask people to do something he/she is not willing to do, and leading by example is essential. He feels, it’s important to find ways for your teams to have a good work-life balance, which is one of the reasons Martin Wachter has implemented a 4-day working week. 

Martin says, “To be more balanced as a company, you should try to be clear where you want to be and what you want to achieve. You should have your own goals and not be driven by what your competition does.” He further adds, “Customers are also what makes the company grow. At GoldenRace one of our main targets is to help our customers grow as it will help us to grow as well.”


Future Goals


Martin feels it’s important that GoldenRace always remember where it came from and what made it what it is today so, the firm can continue growing and remain the global market leader. Martin and his colleagues want to expand the business in new markets, especially in North America, with new partnerships already signed in the US and Canada. Martin Wachter is excited about everything that has happened so far and will in the future.

GoldenRace still has a lot to do and markets to access, which motivates Martin to carry on pursuing his work and his story of success.


One of the things which makes him most excited and proud is that GoldenRace doesn’t follow the market – the market follows it and its creativity, and Martin Wachter will do all that needs to be done to remain on this level.

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