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Nicole Carter: Generating Opportunities for All with Carter Consulting, Corp.

Very few people find their fulfillment in helping others. Some are enthusiastically passionate that they feel honored by assisting people and marking their presence in the corporate sector. Nicole Carter is one such leader who finds this as her prime source of motivation. She is quite passionate about helping others grab employment opportunities to sustain their families and livelihoods.

Ms. Carter founded Carter Consulting Corp. to provide technical support and resource development services to non-profit and faith-based organizations.  Nicole leads the company in providing grant writing, capacity building, networking, leveraging, marketing, compliance and development training services.

Taking the onus at Carter Consulting, Corp.

Nicole is the firstborn daughter of a southern pastor and a registered nurse.  They instilled into her the importance of servicing the community at a very young age.  Nicole’s parents, also entrepreneurs taught her the importance of work ethic and civic leadership.  Her father, nationally recognized as the foremost authority in grant writing taught her all the tools and tricks of the trade.  Her mother was instrumental in demonstrating to Nicole compassion, care and sympathy for those who need it the most. Social justice, community service and economic development are hardwired in Nicole’s heart and brain.

Since the dawn of the company, Nicole has burnt the midnight oil determined to be the standard in corporate leadership, community resources and community support.  Her mission is to see all individuals have equal accesses to healthcare, economic opportunities and social supports.  Ms. Carter’s dedication and passion for helping others has allowed her to gain all the necessary experience, relationships and knowledge to lead.


Changing lives with Carter Consulting, Corp.

As a Women Owned Minority Business with SBA 8(a) and HUBZone certification, Carter Consulting is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for its clients. The company excels at project management and resource development. From planning and plotting to execution, the team offers honest consultation services and individualized resource offerings.

Carter Consulting, Corp is led under the direction and vision of proud owner and CEO Nicole Carter. Being a proven business mentor, a passionate community representative and a thriving business owner, she aims at aiding other minority individuals, non-profits and businesses to succeed and thrive in the markets they serve.

Ms. Carter is quite passionate about creating community projects that will last and make a tangible difference to the communities who need assistance the most.  She has served as project director for HUD, DHHS, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Education, and additional funded programs. Nicole aided the State of Tennessee’s Department of Military with audit/ programmatic compliance with their grants and grants.  Nicole is a regular contractor for numerous federal departments; serving in the capacity of panel chair and chairperson. Moreover, she has played a key role in implementing several programs for social service agencies from California to Mississippi in diverse programs and communities.

Under the leadership of Nicole, Carter Consulting offers a wide range of services to its clientele. They aim at improving efficiency, effectiveness, resources, personnel, leverages, board development and budgets. Carter Consulting combines its excellence and experience in compliance, staff training, recruiting, HR, administrative support, and contract negotiations to provide its clients with guided options.

No matter the odds, the team never fails to offer the best quality in their services.

Carter Consulting, Corp provides their services nationally with several global clients.  The most commonly requested services include funding research, proposal development, and grant review. The process begins with an intimate interview with the client to learn their needs, barriers and successes.  This is followed by searching for various funding options that suit the stated needs of the clients. After this, the team develops proposals in response to RFP’s which require robust assessment, requirement compliance, consultation, and devising individualized solutions to complete the final draft.

Once the draft is completed, the team proofreads it, submits the proposal to the funding source, and waits for a response.

Having a commitment to the community and organizations who share her mission; Nicole implemented a Nonprofit Technical Assistance Program. The vision behind the program is to aid non-profit organizations to grow and provide better sustainable and high-quality services to the communities they serve.

Through this program, the company will visit the client site and conduct an analysis of their operational and program design and implement a Correction Action Plan which is an action strategy for sustainable and effective management to improve effectiveness.  Corrective plans may include aspects such as: Incorporation and Tax-Exemption, Board Development, Funding Sources, Budgeting, Networking, and Community Collaborations, Staffing & Volunteers, Capital Campaigns & Fund-Raising, Technology & Social Media, Event Planning, Program Implementation, Rural Access, etc.

The Correction Action Plan is then offered to the client; which if followed results in better processes and procedures, detailed timelines and benchmarks; helping the client to serve the community in a better way and grow.

Nicole also developed the “Non-profit and Federal Funding” Workshop which is a free community training aim at providing the essentials in building a nonprofit and locating funding.  She has also created several micro-enterprises and small businesses to providing opportunities for others to thrive in the corporate sector. With a national certification from NAHRO as a Section 8 Housing Specialist, she has offered different training programs with HUD and State Departments of Housing.

Road to success

With a massive pool of experience, skills, and knowledge by her side, Nicole led the expert team at Carter Consulting, Corp. to serve a plethora of clients within the country and outside and secured more than 50 Million dollars.

For the past three years, Nicole has secured nearly 10 million dollars in Local, State, and Federal funding. Moreover, she has established more than 32 grassroots/community-based organization and assisted in the initiation of more than 50 Housing and Economic Development programs, including education and employment, crisis intervention, job training, counseling, emergency food assistance, recreational, housing and rehab, elderly, healthcare, domestic violence, family development programs, and whatnot.

Just recently, the company was awarded more than 4 million dollars in contracts and grants. The same year, Nicole led the company to own the first minority hemp farm in Tennessee and acquire three buildings for rental property.

A strong network of corporate relations, smart formulation of strategies, well-planned collaboration with the community, and critical planning and plotting allowed the company to acquire a $500,000 apartment complex with $375,000 cash.

Nicole believes that by collaborating with the community, Carter Consulting, Corp can fulfill the needs of various stakeholders and provide unique support to them.

Future roadmap for Carter Consulting, Corp.

The corporate sector is tough and competitive, so Nicole adds that it is vital to cement her position in the industry and mark her presence in the market. She believes in minority inclusion and social equity and works to ensure that all have the same accesses to corporate growth.

Nicole believes that by standing together with the community Carter Consulting can achieve new heights and help thousands of persons in not just nationally but abroad as well.

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