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Rahman Mohammed: Helping Users to Manage their Healthcare Journey

With the aim to make healthcare convenient, affordable, and accessible for all, VivoDoc was established by its CEO and Co-founder, Rahman Mohammed MD, in 2020. As a comprehensive healthcare technology, VivoDoc works to connect patients with healthcare professionals directly. The technology platform strives to bring price transparency and ease of scheduling appointments for its patients.

Regardless of its patient’s location, VivoDoc is the fastest and easiest way to access healthcare for everyone. Many patients live in underserved areas that often lack access to specialists. However, with VivoDoc, one can easily schedule a virtual visit with specialists without any location barrier.

Trained in emergency medicine and primary care, Rahman Mohammed is a physician by profession. He has worked with multiple major healthcare companies and has in-depth knowledge and experience with the challenges and shortcomings of the system. Rahman Mohammed believes technology can be better utilized to improve the present healthcare system. He finished his medical school in Ukraine and speaks 5 different languages with an understanding of different cultures and their challenges.

Right Care at Right Time

VivoDoc equips its healthcare providers and patients with various tools created using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to discover the right type of care at the right time and drive optimal outcomes for their medical conditions. The platform helps patients manage their complete healthcare journey. Users can effortlessly search, find, and book the nearby best doctor at their convenience. They can opt to visit the doctor in person or via telemedicine. Patients can self-verify their insurance and know an estimated copay along with finding in-network doctors of their choice. Also, patients can upload their IDs and insurance cards either through the website or the app. Additionally, they get appointment reminders and can communicate with the Doctor’s office directly via SMS. They have the option of paying for their doctor’s visit securely and filling out all paperwork from the comfort of their home, saving time and avoiding waiting at the doctor’s office.

In the case of doctors, VivoDoc functions as an all-in-one platform starting from their SEO and comprehensive profile building, dedicated HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, REAL-time appointment availability with their EMR integration, and reputation management. In order to decrease the front office load, VivoDoc has automated the appointment flow and automated the reminders with notifications.

For the Welfare of the Community

The platform acts as a mobile and web marketplace with different kinds of features for both doctors and patients. VivoDoc offers various tools for physicians to focus on their patients, maintain autonomy, increase revenue and avoid burnout. On average, a physician can spend 90 minutes/day on various daily tasks to ensure the business is running correctly.

It also works to bring a transparent and direct approach to healthcare. In the case of an uninsured individual, VivoDoc provides the total pricing upfront helping both the patient and the provider with the cost. It also provides the option of direct pay, eliminating sudden surprises in hospital bills. VivoDoc helps patients with self-triage tools and avoids unnecessary expensive Emergency room visits. Streamlines care to the right specialist based on patients’ conditions.

“The greatest wealth is the richness of the soul.”

Since its successful launch in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area, VivoDoc is currently serving more than 350+ practices locally and is in the process of expanding to other parts of Texas. It also created partnerships with EMRs like Epic, Athena Health, DrChrono, and many more in the pipeline. VivoDoc is a proud sponsor of the Texas Medical Association, Dallas County Medical Society, Texas Chiropractic Association, etc. Currently, the platform is free for patients. However, it charges a minimum monthly subscription fee for physicians. VivoDoc is in the process of creating a referral platform to make it convenient for both physicians and patients.

Future Roadmap

VivoDoc’s primary goal as a company is to be the leader of the healthcare industry, helping privately owned practices to survive and thrive. It also aims to restore the sacred patient-physician relationship and bring back the joy of practicing medicine. The organization intends to create a community of more than 10,000 physicians and help as many as 5 million people search for and book appointments over the next 5 years.

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