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Serge Martinod & Pharmabbie: Accelerating the Quality Life of Pets with Efficacious and Palatable Medications

While there are many inspiring success stories of business leaders and trailblazers, this article narrates the success story of Serge Martinod, who established Pharmabbie Inc.

A unique initiative that develops pharmaceuticals for dogs and other pets, prioritizing the quality of life for pets through efficacious and palatable medications. Their mission is to develop a top-quality product portfolio that serves the needs of pet owners and veterinarians alike. Established in the year 2020, Pharmabbie operates as a semi-virtual company with a network of consultants and contract organizations

Their patented innovation comes from the delivery systems. Their products are very palatable like a treat and pets love them. But they also meet the strict standards of the FDA for pharmaceuticals.

Dr.-Serge Martinod: The Man Behind the Brand

An innovative leader and an accomplished veterinarian with 35 years of expertise developing products for animal health, including more than 15 years with market leaders such as Pfizer, SmithKline Beecham, and Ciba Geigy.

He made significant contributions to the regulatory licensing of more than 20 products for companion animals and livestock in the U.S., Europe, and Japan – helping generate hundreds of million dollars in revenue.

His rich career is rooted in the creation and management of start-up companies including Smart Drug Systems, Arcanatura, TNG Pharmaceuticals, and Jaguar Animal Health (JAGX), Dr. Martinod is tapping into his experience and network to continue improving the lives of pets.

Clientele & Corporate Ethos

PharmAbbie has several tiers of clients: first tier, the animals and they keep them happy by providing drugs that taste and feel like treats. The second tier is the owners and their satisfaction come from changing the dreadful pill time into treat time, reinforcing the bond with their companion. In the third tier, the veterinarians for them, improving the success rate of therapies by guaranteeing compliance with the treatment schedule. Finally, the fourth tiers are the animal health companies selling pharmaceuticals, they provide them with ready-to-market high-quality products. Remember if your dog or cat do not bite your fingers when you give him    or her a pill you are going to be a customer for life.

Major Hurdles & the Driving Force on the Way

Pharmabbie is the result of the spin-off from another company so we can focus our time and resources on one technology with application on many products

The primary challenges are (i) obtaining FDA approval and (ii) securing funding to support product development.

Hard work is the main driving force behind Serge’s successful journey. Other factors that lead him to grow include taking risks, learning from experience, trying to work smart.

Creating a Balanced & Equal Industry

Break paradigms, you cannot win if you do what all the others are doing. Focus on your strengths and hire people to handle your weaknesses. Innovate all the time but be realistic about what you can achieve. Never overpromise!

A Day in the Visionary’s Life & Hobbies

His day begins with breakfast watching the morning news with several cups of espresso, then checking the emails to see what came during the night either from Europe or Asia and answering those emails, showering, going to the office. There are usually several conference calls or Zoom with collaborators or investors, lunch at the desk with more emails, then later in the day working on a dossier and writing documents. Usually, late dinner and one last check at email, or researching databases. Going to bed late watching the late-night news. Pretty much the same routine every day 7 days a week.

Dr Martinod loves to do skiing, sailing, reading good books, and gastronomy but he has little time for hobbies with his current workload.

From the Founder’s Desk

The major reason behind choosing this career was to leave private practice where we treat one animal at a time to join the industry to find solutions that can help millions of animals. It is the possibility of making a big difference that influences my career.

First and foremost professionally I am a veterinarian and proud of it. Although I do not practice anymore I still consider myself as a clinician and a scientist finding solutions to help the pets and their owners. I work slow and steady but I am not afraid of taking risks or innovating.

Favourite Book

Growing up in France, Serge Martinod is inspired by French literature. “L’Étranger” ( the stranger) by Albert Camus. It is a book about the philosophy of the absurd, the complexity of human emotions and behaviours, and how some events out of our control can change our lives completely. Once you start reading the book you cannot stop!

Future Roadmap

Under the dynamic leadership of Serge Martinod has accomplished a lot. Now, it has a lot more to achieve- getting the first FDA approval, licensing products to larger companies for commercialisation, finding more efficient ways to develop new products. Their goal is to bring a portfolio of products to the market to make a difference in the health care of the animals and then enjoy life to the fullest.

Achievements & Milestones

The major milestones were to obtain Intellectual property, successfully scale up the manufacturing to a commercial level, obtain concurrence on the protocols for the 2 last pivotal studies from FDA, complete a Series A financing during the pandemic.

A Piece of Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

Female power is the future in business and certainly in the pharmaceutical industry. Never accept less than men, there could be some obstacles but you are already weaning.  You work harder and smarter than most men and you make most of the buying decisions in most markets so you actually know better. Take risks and innovate.

Favourite Quote 

Carpe diem. But it is easier said than done.

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