The 7 Elements Every Strong Brand Needs

The 7 Elements Every Strong Brand Needs

Every brand can be successful and strong if you incorporate the seven elements listed below. This includes the creation of high-quality branding elements like a logo, color schemes, and typography. It also includes market research and using your branding in a clear and consistent manner.

Logo1 The 7 Elements Every Strong Brand Needs

  1. A memorable logo

Every brand needs a strong logo design. This is literally the cornerstone of branding. Without a logo, you can’t really do much else! A company logo is used in virtually all aspects of branding – from website design and blogs to products, merchandise, and physical marketing.

Think of any major company. We can guarantee that most of you can immediately identify their logo. Nike, McDonald’s, Audi, Apple, Microsoft, the NBA, Gap, and Walmart. Their logos are iconic. They stand out and you immediately know which company they belong to. If you can create a memorable logo like this, you are on track to creating a strong brand for your business that will stand the test of time.

  1. An attractive color scheme

To support an amazing logo, an attractive color scheme is also essential. Oftentimes the logo itself uses a branding color scheme. However, colors should also be used throughout your content – your website layout, your social media profiles, and your business cards, for example.

Different colors instill different emotions in people. They can also evoke certain reactions and make people perceive businesses in a certain way. As a result, you must choose your color scheme carefully so that it represents your business in the right way.

  1. Effective use of typography

Typography is also highly important. The fonts you use can totally change the way your business is perceived. They can also change the effectiveness of your branding. As a result, you must choose your fonts carefully. This includes fonts for your business logo, website graphics, and social media images.

For example, using stylistic fonts can make your business appear less professional.

  1. Consistent use across all platforms

Having these fantastic brand elements is one thing. However, if you do not use them consistently, you cannot hope to create a strong brand. The best brands hammer home their branding elements. This means using your logo, color schemes, and chosen fonts whenever possible.

There should never be a piece of marketing or content that doesn’t match your branding! By reinforcing your brand wherever possible, you ingrain it into the minds of your customers.

  1. A likable “personality”

This might seem strange, but it is essential for the development of a strong brand. Depending on your brand, it could be seen as having a “personality” – like it is a living, sentient thing. This is simply a figurative term, but it really helps steer your brand in the direction you want.

Think about your current brand image. What personality would you say it has? If you would not describe its personality in positive terms, it needs work!

  1. Extensive target customer research

Customer research is also vital. The best brands are based on extensive market research relating to your target customers. The more you can target your branding towards your customer base, the more effective it should be.

  1. A clear purpose

Laslty, your brand must have a clear purpose. What do you want to achieve with your brand? Do you want to attract new customers or build a bond of trust with existing customers? If you have a clear goal for your brand, it will be far more effective.

It is possible to create the perfect brand. However, it requires a focused approach. You must do your research, and understand your customers!

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