The Future Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace


The Digital Age is sweeping past and captivating millions and millions along its path. It has impacted the whole generation owing to its many miracles, and it continues to do so with its many gifts. One such offering is the Artificial Intelligence which is incredibly advanced and is touted to be the future of the Digital Age.

With numerous such things befalling under the purview of Artificial Intelligence, it will revolutionize how we perceive the world. The one industry which is positively impacting would be the workplaces. It is estimated that the workforce might be entirely replaced with robots being the next obvious choice for running the company. As convenient as it may sound, it could bring us eternal convenience or eternal disaster.

Boon or Bane              

2019-2020 has seen a very visible spurt of Artificial Intelligence in many quarters. Companies realize the emerging potential and capital that might come with the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in their core. It is being used to amplify human intelligence and get access to real-time data values.

Since the benefits concerning the usage of intelligent systems are at the peak, the eyes of the world are upon Artificial Intelligence and its many advantages. One of the big four organizations, Ernst and Young has researched the A.I. at the workplace, which states that many of the companies and organizations around the world are accepting A.I. in workplaces which have led to elevated levels of operational productivity. Decisions are swifter; technological innovations are rapid, giving mounds of yields that are unlike anything that has been witnessed.

The organizations which take in A.I. have seen advantages in terms of tackling their competition, minimizing any company costs that might prove to be a hindrance, and streamline the recruitment process. This might prove to be an unconventional practise since many people from the boardroom would think that this is unfair. Employee unions are consisting of so many millions who will be rendered jobless if the A.I. culture is brought forth into existence.

Every job sector would face massive cutbacks, and this would not be limited to lower levels, but also the higher-ups. Another Big 4 organization, PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that there would be as high as 30% cutbacks by the year 2030 owing to the entry of Artificial Intelligence in the market.

So, in essence, Artificial Intelligence has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages in the employment sphere.

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