The latest Reno6 Series from OPPO

The latest Reno6 Series

The premium Reno series has been at the core of OPPO’s imaging innovation. It embodies OPPO’s futuristic videography vision. From the Reno5’s industry-first AI Highlight video feature to the Reno5 and the 10X Hybrid zoom technology in the Reno1, OPPO has firmly established its status as the leader in smartphone videography. Reno users worldwide have shot more than 200 million videos each month. Reno phones also are used by famous filmmakers to create high-quality videos.

Reno6 Series, OPPO’s latest innovation in imaging technology, is now available with advanced videography features. You can see the video to learn more about OPPO’s incredible imaging innovation journey. The Reno6 Series allows you to capture professional-quality videos using just a single button. This new phone features the first-ever Bokeh Flare Portrait video feature. The camera provides DSLR quality videos. OPPO is now the leader in mobile video.

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This smartphone’s camera utilizes OPPO’s video technology. It produces sharper, more vibrant, and clearer images than other digital cameras. “Our research resulted in not only high-end hardware but also advanced algorithms. These products were created from scratch with the dynamic needs in mind,” said Tasleem, Vice President of India R&D, OPPO.

It is compact and offers movie-quality videography. The Reno6 Series can take DSLR-quality photos from your smartphone. Your OPPO Reno6 Series can be yours now at a price starting from Rs29,000. Damyant Singh Khanoria (CMO, OPPO India) spoke about the soon-to-launch OPPO Reno6 Series. “In keeping with OPPO Reno’s rich heritage, the Reno6 series has premium flagship videography features, unleashing a whole new era of smartphone videography. The Reno6 series are ideal for new-age video-creators. They feature industry-first Bokeh Flare Portrait Video and other advanced videography features to capture professional-quality and cinematic-quality videos. These are like having a studio right in your pocket. The Reno6 series has advanced camera technology and design technology. It also offers super-fast charging and a sleek design that is hard to miss.

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In addition, the video feature of the industry-first-mireal Ai on the smartphone, powered by Ultra Night Video and Live HDR algorithms, optimizes the quality of the video, which helped you capture real-life videos, brighter, Lighter and impressive by intelligently adapting the conditions of ambient light, be in the night or the day little lit, so you have the perfect videos in all the scenarios. The device also packs in other stellar imaging and videography features, such as focus tracking, the color temperature sensor, the entire dimension portrait video system (FDF) and Palate, among others. The phone also allows for real-time professional video editing while turning with its loop offer. A device that corresponds to all your videography needs, fulfilling the role of director, editor and cameraman – all in one. Block your calendar for complete specifications and prices for the most anticipated smartphones Reno6 Series on July 14, 2021, during the official launch.

The OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G offers exceptional performance. It includes the MediaTek 5G SoC with RAM extension. This allows you to multitask, open multiple apps, and play games with minimal lag. OPPO Reno6 is equipped with 65W SuperVOOC 2.0, which provides a safer, more reliable, and longer-lasting low voltage flash charging technology.

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