The Richest People in the World

The Richest People in the World

Humans nowadays are well skilled to make the best out of their talent and time. And we have to agree that success makes us happy because of the respect and mostly for the money we get from that. And many have made billions and trillions of money just from their job or business all on their own. It’s pretty obvious that it involves a lot of hard work and dedication, but it also places them in the list of few, which included the wealthiest personalities around the world. This makes them famous and respectful, thus adding more to their net worth. These brainy persons are well known for their economic status and have always been the most inspiring. There are many ways to gain money and fame. Mostly the method includes business, but there are many other methods too. Let us briefly know about them in the following context.

People who are known for their enormous money

  1. Bill Gates

Bill made a remarkable change of dropping out of Harvard in his junior year to become the founder of Microsoft. And due to its hard work, sensibility, and good knowledge of computer software, Microsoft, the largest software company in the world. Apart from this, the company has also shown great achievement in producing a set of their email services, video games, devices, computers, and laptops. It also publishes books via the Press, owned by Microsoft.

Besides this, Gates also runs two welfare organizations combined now to make a foundation named as Bill and Melinda Foundation, where he and his ex-wife are co-chairpersons. Bill is 65 years old as of 2021 but holds great enthusiasm to work for his company and has a net worth of about 124 billion dollars. He has been residing in Medina, Washington, for a few years. The recent data state that he took the responsibility of a chairperson in 2008 before being the chief software architect. And has also joined Berkshire Hathaway’s board in 2004, but finally, he took himself off from both the boards.

  1. Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh is the richest man in India who is the owner of Reliance Industries. It was established in 1966 by Dhirubhai Ambani, his son Mukesh Stanford Business School but left after a year he came back to India to lead Reliance. And in his early days, Mukesh was seen to create and manage the petroleum refineries and petrochemical industries in an amazing manner. As per the recent news, Mukesh and his brother Anil got the entire business after their father’s death a few years.

The business was distributed among the brothers as Mukesh keeps petrochemicals, gas oil, and refining but with the dispute regarding the natural gas business. It has been reported that as of 2021, Mukesh has a net worth of 84.5 billion dollars besides having the property costing about 410 million dollars. He is a 64 years old man who is currently staying in Mumbai, India.

He has taken the company to the height of success with flying colors as one of his biggest achievements was the Reliance Retail and telecommunication known as Jio, which is well known around the county of having about 80% of the population using it because of its facilities and adding a lot to the company’s revenue.

  1. Jeff Bezos

He is a 57 years old man who runs the most widely recognized company ’Amazon’ and is the founder and Executive Chair of the same. It initially started as a one-stop bookstore but was revolutionized slowly, firstly acquiring Whole Foods in the year 2017ad then launching its over-the-counter drugs in the same year in August. In the year 2020, the shares of Amazon increased to a high rate due to lockdown around the world, and then Jeff decided to be the executive chair and left the CEO post of the commerce giant.

He has a net worth of around 177 billion dollars, and he has stayed in Seattle since the day he founded Amazon and built it as a successful business and entertainment company known as Amazon Prime. He is recognized as the first man after Bill Gates to have a net worth of 100 billion dollars in the early days in 1999.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark is known as the youngest business sensation to develop the most famous social networking site at the age of 19, which created an entirely new world for friends to connect and communicate worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg is at the age of 37 currently and stays in Palo Alto, Calif. Facebook owns various other companies, including the all-famous Instagram, the Oculus, which leads a virtual reality set, messaging app Whatsapp, and the all-new Novi,’ its own new digital payment platform used in the Diem payment System. He currently serves as the CEO and chair of Facebook, which whole handedly runs many software and apps. It has been reported that he holds a net worth of about 97 billion dollars other than his 225 million property worth.

  1. Elon musk

Elon is the most aspiring money man today in the world and out to have it all, starting from digital currency, vehicles, and space gadgets. He used to study at Stanford University but dropped it because of the earliest navigation setup Zip2. Then his business career started when he was the main funder of Tesla Motors, which produces SUVs, sedans, Cyber trucks, and many other electric vehicles. Now he has been the co-founder of Tesla, which manufactures merchandise, automobile devices with the help of SolarCity in 2016, which is a solar power system. In the year 2020, Tesla had a tremendous rise for about 700 times more than ever before. Elon is a 50 years old man staying in Austin, Texas, and having a net worth of about 151 billion dollars.


Money is not absolutely everything in our life, but what matters is the success and respect we get in our lives around us. This part of being rich is beautiful because everyone sees you as an inspiration with the utmost respect. Being a rich person involves a lot of grinding in certain parts of the process along with the process, and it is quite ultimate that everyone wishes to be at their place without knowing the struggle. Still, one can surely reach there if they dedicate themselves to it.

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