The top Richest Women In the World in 2021

The Top Richest Women In the World in 2021

Science says women are smarter and more active than men. They have also proven themselves in the field of business, and that too managed to be the wealthiest personalities all around the world. A woman has patience, perseverance, smartness, and a brain, all qualities required to be a successful entrepreneur or a leader leading an organisation to the highest point in terms of success and popularity. The year 2020 has brought up many changes in everyone’s life in various aspects. It has also resulted in the women identifying their talent and interest, which made them step into the business world, and studies have proven that it has increased to 36% more than the previous year. They came from all around the world from various countries and cultures and made themselves the best business person ever. So let’s have a look at their journey and success to become a rich personality as listed below.

 10 Richest Women in 2021

 1. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

 Francoise is none other than the granddaughter of the Founder of the L’oreal Paris Cosmetic Brand. She got her business as an inheritance from her mother, Liliane Bettencourt. Her grandfather worked at his company since the year 1997. Francoise, a 67 years old woman, helped Loreal be more precise and diversified than before by adding new products using various technologies and has built up the business in a profitable way. The company has a net worth of about 33.6 billion dollars but has been noticed to fall down about 6%in 2020 as the need for makeup decreased in the quarantine days. Recently the manufacture of the skincare products of Loreal has made the company more profitable due to the increase in cosmetic demand.

2. Miriam Adelson

 Miriam holds a wealth of about 39 billion dollars only with the help of Casinos. She got this art from her husband, who has been a stake controller, and now she controls about 56% stake in casino operator Las Vegas Sands. As 2020 has affected us all, the same happened here. The company lost 985 million dollars as Sheldon Adelson died in January as the resorts and casinos remained closed due to lockdown. Although it opened in June 2020, it ended up losing 1.69 billion as its net loss. Miriam is 75 years old, currently living in the United States and has now decided to focus on the business in Macau in Asia and to sell the property in Vegas.

 3. Sussanne Klatten

 Sussane inherited a 19.1% stake from her mother, Johanna Quandt, who has passed away. Whereas her father, Herbert Quandt, made the BMW industry one of the most successful luxury vehicle markets. The car making company has been reported to get a profit of about 119 billion dollars in 2020 as the company has recovered from great losses from their past. The BMW company has increased its stock price by more than 93% since March 2020, being wealthier than ever before. Apart from this, Sussane has also got a pharmaceutical company from her grandfather, which is well known all around the world. She is a 58 years old woman residing in Germany having a net worth of 28 billion dollars.

 4. Julia Koch

 Julia is a 58 years old aspiring woman of the most famous United States. She lost her husband in 2019, David Koch. Now she is the owner of America’s largest private company as per the net revenue calculated recently. The company called Koch Industries has a net worth of 46.4 billion dollars. And Julia now serves as the board of directors in the company having a stake of 42% stake. Besides her, David’s older brother also holds the 42% stake.

 5. Alice Walton

 Alice is the daughter of Sam Walton and has lost a bit from being the world’s richest woman. But anyway, she owns a net worth of about 62 billion dollars and is expected to soon raise up her revenue in the near future. She is 71 years old and is currently staying in the United States who owns a company named Walmart. She gained about 7.4 billion dollars due to rising stock of about of her company up to 5% since March 2020.

 6. Gina Rinehart

 Gina Rinehart is a woman of 67 years, having a net worth of about 23.6 billion dollars and is a citizen of Australia. She is well known for being the richest person in Australia who serves as the chairperson of Hancock Prospecting Group, which is a mining and agriculture company. This was founded by her father, Land Hancock, which partially affected in 2020 but soon recovered by a stake of about 77% in the whole group. The majority affecting the company comes from the Iron ore department during the pandemic times.

 7. Yang Huiyan

Yang is the only owner of 58% who owns the China-based real estate. Having got it from her father as the equity of the business since 2007 has the bet worth of 30 billion dollars. She is a 39 years woman staying in China currently.

8. Iris Fontbona

 Iris is 78 years old and recently stayed in Chile. Her husband passed away in 2005, whose name was alAndronico Luksic, who established a beverage and mining fortune. She has a net worth of 24 billion dollars.

 9. MacKenzie Scott

 MacKenzie is the ex-wife of Jeff Bezoz, who was the Founder of Amazon, and as per the data, it is reported that they got divorced in 2019. This news became very famous because of his splitting property and business, which overall holds as the financial state. Then at the time of separation Bezoz gave away about 6 billion dollars to many non-profitable companies for social work. However, MacKenzie still has a net worth of about 53 billion dollars.

10. Jacqueline Mars

 Jacqueline and own the pet care and food company Skittles and M&M with 40 billion sales. Their grandfather founded this company, Frank. C. Mars in the year 1911. She is an 812 years woman staying in the United States has an estimated worth of 32 billion dollars.


Women are doing extremely wonderful in the field of career and life and have also shown their charm in the business and monetary world. And has built up many business empires with a lot of revenues and success.

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