Top 11 Fun Facts About Mobile Phones, You Did Not Know

In this ultra modern-age, we cannot imagine our lives without a Smartphone. Over the past few years, they have become a kind of addiction. Our day starts with mobile phones and ends with them. But how well do you know that favourite friend in our pocket?

Here’re a few amazing facts about mobile phones that you probably did not know:

  1. Martin Cooper, engineer of Motorola made the first call from a mobile phone on April 3, 1973, on the streets of New York. More surprising is that he called on of his biggest rivals in the sector; engineer Joel Engel, from AT&T, just before giving a press conference to announce that he made the call first time from a mobile phone.
  2. The first “Smartphone”, Ericsson GS88 “Penelope” model came in the market in the year 1997.
  3. We all know about Nokia 1100, but very people are aware of this fact that Nokia 1100 was the bestselling electrical gadget in history with more than 250 million pieces sold.
  4. Having an addiction to mobile phones is called nomophobia. It is very common in the present period. Around 200,000 million human beings are suffering from this phobia and as the fear of certain people who are afraid to leave their home without their mobile phone.
  5. “Ringxiety” is a term, under which people get the feeling of hearing the phone when it is actually not ringing, and another one called, “phubbing“ that describes the behaviour of a person who ignores everything around him due to the use of the mobile phone.
  6. Data says that on average, we check our mobile phone about 150 times a day. It is very likely that people who are suffering from nomophobia do this a lot more often than average, data says that we check our phones every 6 minutes on average.
  7. You will shock to hear but it is a fact that there are more mobile phones than people in our world because the number of people who have a mobile phone in the world is very high. Each user has about 1.5 phones on average that means the number of mobile lines is located close to 7,500 million, and the world is populated by 7,350 million people.
  8. In the year 2012 Apple created history after selling more than 340,000 iPhones on a daily basis, which are around 4 per second.
  9. If you are health concise and take extra effort for hygiene, and then it is bad news for you. You need to be careful while using your mobile phone because a mobile phone holds 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.
  10. Apart from bacterial infection radiation is another big issue with mobile phones. These radiations can cause insomnia, confusion, headaches, ringxiety, nomophobia, telephone phobia, and frigensophobia.
  11. It may sound odd in some ways, but it is a fact that you can charge your phone by using urine, scientists developed it.
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