The global COVID pandemic has shaken the earth for quite some time now. It has also shaken the stock market with volatility in it being so spontaneous to consumer sentiments. The month of July had seen quite some dips and ups in the stock market, but even with its fair share of heart-stopping moments, it managed to finish in gains. The market saw one of the worst one-day sell-offs since last October with the rise in Delta strain of the Covid-19. But despite all such factors, equities also ended in gains by the end of the month, S&P also made almost 2.3% gain by the end.

So, keeping all such factors in mind and the market being so volatile that it is operating at very high superfluous rates, below are the TOP 5 Stocks that one should buy every time.

  1. Adobe INC.

This software company has been in the play for quite some years now. It recently announced the $300 million valuations, which have raised the value of the company. In 2021, it outperformed in the second quarter of every analyst’s expectations, thus sealing it as a top market performer. Recently, subscriptions of its softwares like Lightroom and Photoshop have helped the company in its $3.8 billion turnovers. On the other hand, the company derives the largest profit from its digital sector, contributing $2.8 billion of the total revenue. It has shown promising growth year after year and is surely one of the market’s best choices at the moment.

2. BJ’s wholesale warehouse Club Holdimngs Inc.

This stock has been continuously growing since the pandemic and has shown promising returns in this quarter especially. During the pandemic, most consumers were looking for affordable products in larger quantities which helped bulk retailers like BJ’s hold on the pandemic market. Other than that fact, it was trading at 5 times lesser price than its direct competitor Costco. This gave BJ’s an extra benefit. Also, BJ’s was pulling in P/E 18 times more than Costco, which was 41. This made BJs a favourable stock for many investors. The company has plans of expanding its business and is surely one of the best stocks to invest in 2021 at this point.

3. The Walt Disney Co.

Even though 2021 has not been the year for Disney, it still remains one of the safest long-term blue chips to invest in. The lacklustre performance of Disney this year is due to the parks, entertainment division, and cruise line completely shutting down. But with new hopes, the cruises have started operating again since August. However, the new future of COVID-19 with the Delta strain is a risk. But still, Disney+ has been garnering triple subscribers every quarter, with now more than 100 million subscribers. So with such interests in its streaming platforms, investors can surely reply on its OTT platform revenue if Delta strikes.

4. Facebook Inc.

The world has gone digitally rightly, with Facebook’s return of this quarter being almost 21%. The company is valued at a humongous $1 trillion. It still continues to evolve with AI technology integration and better search features. It stands in the market with three other constitutes of its- Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg even has been planning on adding e-commerce to Instagram with the intent to create what he calls ‘metaverse’ with the aim of people working, playing, and living together in a digital world.

5. SONOS Inc.

The idea behind the growth of this premium speaker company is that when so many people are working from home, they will surely like an AI connected to the home system. It has been rightly proven with the company’s growth year-over-year being 15% and 90% respectively.

6. Lowe’s Cos Inc.

Lowe is a simple home improvement business that has a very strongly built foundation. The company has almost 16 times more forward earnings than its direct competitor Home Depot. It has been raising its dividend payout for 25 years now and currently has an almost 1.7% payout, which is quite attractive. Also, Lowe bought back its own shares in the first fiscal quarter and paid a whopping $440 million in dividends. This surely makes Lowe an attractive long-term investment.

Final thoughts!

These are the best stocks which have been performing really well, keeping in mind the current market situation. The list is obviously not exhaustive, but these are surely some of the best bets. It must also be mentioned that anyone who decides to invest should do their own research as we hold no responsibility for deciding one’s own actions.

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