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Unleash The Power of Neuroscience to Master Your Mind & Business

By Jodi Pliszka, Ph.D. – Neurolicity

Crash! I was in a car accident that would change my life forever. I awakened with gobs of hair on my pillow and each time I took a shower, clumps of hair would clog the drain. I fell into a deep depression and couldn’t believe that all of the hair over my entire body was gone. I was a bald woman living in a society where hair defines a woman’s beauty. How could this be happening to me?

I figured that I had two choices, I could survive and be miserable, or I could learn to thrive and help others along the way. I had an epiphany and soon learned how to take my thoughts off autopilot and rewire my own thinking to achieve any result that I wanted. “If you can’t change your circumstances, learn to change your perspective” became my motto.

We all have wonderful gifts, like fingerprints. When you take the leap of faith to open up and share your vulnerabilities, you can help so many people. Now, I’m showing women entrepreneurs how they can empower their minds and create ground-breaking success in their own businesses.

What happened next? I got married, moved to New York and my daughter, Jess,

was born. A few months after her birth, my ex-husband decided that he didn’t want to be a dad and left us. Instead of panicking, all over again, I used the same process I used to help me get over losing my hair and guess what happened?  It worked! I changed my perspective and everything turned out positively for Jess and I. This made me think, “if I could get over losing my hair, my husband, my house (we were homeless for a short time during the divorce) and still have hope, I could apply these principals into the business side of my life.

Success began following me in whatever I decided to do. It seemed almost like “magic.” No matter what I wanted to accomplish, I accomplished it. My check list was growing.

Invent an award-winning product. Check!

Write three award-winning books. Check!

Quit my job at the hospital and create a million-dollar company selling the product I invented. Check!

Win a Top Finalist spot of ABC’S American Inventor TV Show and work with Simon Cowell. Check!

Create Neurolicity, a business for helping women entrepreneurs flourish. Check!

Get featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC news and articles, globally. Check!

Be featured on Lifetime TV’s Healthcorner as an alopecia advocate. Check!

Win the Enterprising Women of the Year Award. Check!

Create Neuromarketing Simplicity and help women entrepreneurs grow highly profitable businesses. Check!

As you see, my simple neuroscientific system has allowed me to do whatever I want in life and in my business, with almost guaranteed success. But my system also worked to save my life!

Five years ago, I ended up in the hospital for nine days with a 106.1 fever. I had a sinus and throat infection, influenza, pneumonia and strep A seeped into my blood; I was in Septic Shock! I had a rare brain infection and almost died. I began teaching my body how to kill off the infection, one white blood cell at a time. The doctors said my recovery was a miracle, but I let them know that it was actually based in science and my knowledge of understanding how to control my brain and body. I’ve since gone through five throat surgeries, two broken ankles and nothing has stopped me from helping others, because of my proven formula for success.

My daughter, Jess, was a straight A student and graduated Cum Laude, pre-med with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling.  Jess is a board certified, licensed Neuropsychotherapist and owner of NeuroJess Women’s Neurocounseling Center. Jess started her own private practice, just one month after graduating and receiving her license. (Which is unheard of.) Within only a few months, she has a full, thriving practice.. Jess is a specialist in working with neurodivergent women, LGBTQ+ individuals and multicultural women. She has been epically successful in her personal and business life by implementing the very same principles that we teach women entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants. Jess is living proof that even though she was raised by a single mom, she didn’t lack for anything and the processes we teach really does work!

Here’s a question for you. “Did you know that you can take the challenges that you’ve endured in your life and turn your own obstacles into opportunities to help others?” All you need is a proven neuroscientific formula that will allow you to tell you story in a way that will attract people to you and get them to stop ignoring your messaging.  But how do you do this? You can learn how to activate the psychological triggers in the brain that prevent people from scrolling past your messages. When you stop using outdated ‘benefits marketing’ and start focusing on ‘emotional marketing’ (something every women entrepreneur is great at doing) you can have success almost like “magic,” as well.

Helping others turn their dreams into reality has always been a passion of mine. I love to use neuroscience to prove that if you don’t have a strong mindset, it’s really hard to have a powerful impact on others and nearly impossible to achieve your goals. In order to gain the trust of others it’s crucial to be able to back up your words with actions, and we do just that. We openly show the successes that we have earned, by taking our thoughts off autopilot and rewiring our own thinking, and you can learn to achieve any result that you want to achieve, as well.

You don’t have to be great to start helping people, but you need to start helping people to become great.   Here are free trainings for you: and

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