Why You Need to Invest in Blogging for Your Small Business

Why You Need to Invest in Blogging for Your Small Business

Consumers want to learn more about a business from articles rather than traditional ads in today’s market. Using articles can give a sense of being informed and knowledgeable about a product or service. People are spending more time on social media and our smartphones than ever before, in a way, the power of the newspaper is back – but in blog form. Here is why you need to invest in blogging for your small business.

It is Trending

Reading through blog articles online, sharing them and becoming influenced by them is one of the trending ways to market a business. People are reading into blogs to search for links to products in a new and different way. Consumers want to be informed before making a purchase; to find out the best smartphone out there, or the one that suits their needs. Or to choose a brand of conditioner that is ethically sound. Even for children’s toys and pet products. People want to know what they are buying and how they can get the best possible product or deal.

The truth is that these products may well not be the best. They are simply the best marketed. If your product name comes up and is linked in several articles, your product is more likely to be spotted by consumers. You can also collaborate with companies or influencers to include each other in your blogs. This can be a great way to push your products or services through blogging marketing.

Hire a Blogger

Investing in a blogger is a great idea if you do not have blogging or marketing experience and if you do not have a well-rounded knowledge of SEO.

SEO or search engine optimisation are tactics used by bloggers to push a business higher up the results list on search engines. The higher your business is, the more visible it becomes to prospective customers.

Your blogger will create content that appeals to your target audience and makes them want to share what they have found or to click a link to purchase. Ensure these links work and take them to the correct site. The quicker your blog page and site load and the easier it is to purchase from you, the more likely you are to get repeat visits and sales.

You can employ freelance bloggers from websites like UpWork or Fiverr. These sites offer competitive rates and personal profile pages for freelancers. This means you can check out their experience and reviews beforehand. You can also work in milestones which is a great way of keeping your arrangement ticking over. Each time you want a few more blogs, add a milestone. This will mean you can budget for the number of words used in the blogs rather than at an hourly rate, saving you money in the long run.

Brand Your Blog

Branding your blog is a great way to improve recognition in your audience of your business. Add your logo and website link to every blog post you use. When you add an image to the top of the blog, watermark it with your logo. If you do not have a logo, you can design one for free at a site like https://www.graphicsprings.com/. They are also free to use and download, so perfect for small business owners on a budget.

Write the name of your business after the name of the person who wrote the blog for you. Create this into a hyperlink that takes customers to your website or social page. Have thumbnails that link back to your various socials too, and links to specific products or pages on your website where relevant.

Blogging is a brilliant way to gain visibility within the digital market. Plus, it gives customers an insight that they would not otherwise have into your business. Make it their realm and a great place to be. Build a great relationship with your blogger to get the best out of them, and collaborate on ideas to build your blog outreach.

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