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Witness Shubha Rawal, changing the Customary way of Businesses

Meet Shubha Rawal, a proficient, focus-driven, and decisive leader acting as Head-Sourcing at IG International Pvt. LtdShe has been associated with the company for the past 12 years. During her tenure, she has attended many professional development programs from premier institutions; Executive Education Program, Artificial Intelligence from Indian School of Business Hyderabad, Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies from IIM Bangalore, Organizational Excellence Through Leadership from Delhi University, and many more to be updated and well-versed in the industry. She has opted to be a practical businesswoman and has developed absolute clarity for what she does. This has helped her professionally in achieving many milestones in her pathway.

Additionally, she manages Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Relationship Management with international business associates; manages end-to-end promotions for global brands in the fresh produce industry, among many others. Also, she is the running Head of IG Wrapple Street, the company’s newly launched retail venture.

Exemplary Offerings by IG

For more than 50 years, IG International has been a prominent leader in supplying fresh fruits all over India; making it the largest importer in the country. “We import premium fresh fruits, from established and leading growers all over the world, to a tune of more than 1,20,000 Metric Tons annually from around 22 countries,” she adds. The company equips a plethora of infrastructure of temperature-controlled warehousing spread across the country, a large cold-chain logistics of more than a hundred reefer trucks, and an organization aptly developed to support its business. In the central state of India, Madhya Pradesh, the company cultivates premium blueberries, licensed by Australia’s Mountain Blue for domestic market and exports. It also owns farms and orchards in states like Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, and Telangana to grow apples, kiwis, and other fruits. Moreover, its orchard-based fruit growing is spread across the globe, specifically cultivating cherries and apples in Czech Republic. It is also indulged in a logistics venture named IG Logistics providing third-party logistics in India.

Shubha Rawal and her team, recently, have offered a brand-new concept in the culinary world—IG Wrapple Street and Fruitisserie. It is a concept-eatery and a takeaway, first opened at Bandra, Mumbai. Like there are patisseries—Fruitisserie is about the unique assortment of gourmet desserts and delicacies with fruit as the core ingredient. The specialty of the place is its innovative Apple Wrapples. “Both IG Fruits and IG Wrapple Street have a robust online presence with fully developed e-commerce and eco-system,” she asserts with pride.

The promise of IG BRAND is the bond that holds its customers. IG’s commitment to bring them the best fruit of the world, farm fresh at their doorstep, anywhere and everywhere in India—is what ensures their patronage. “The quality and the taste they find in our fruits holds them with us for a very long time. It is something like—once an IG customer, always an IG customer,” she highlights.

A Glimpse into the Future

Going by our brand tagline, I would say our future is Fresh & Sweet, Always! That’s because the imported fruits category is growing its popularity in India, especially among the youth,” she mentions. “Even in smaller cities and towns, our fruits sell.” The health and nutrition aspect has increased the demand for health products propagating IG’s business. Imported fruits have become trail-blaze in India as these fruits are not only good to look at but also highly nutritious. Though the pandemic has hit almost every business in the market, it has miraculously boosted the demand as people’s choice of healthy options became a lifestyle aspiration. This may secure the targeted market but, securing market share is more essential. She optimistically feels in aiming to capitalize on this market opportunity for the company.

Moreover, she and her team are excited about IG Wrapple Street, as this venture will be a trendsetter in the Fruitisserie business. It is futuristic, youthful and healthy, and meant for today’s consumer, and people like it. “We had an encouraging start with our first café and we have clear blueprints of our expansion in near future,” she says. Hopefully, the business will be available across the places in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and other metro cities. Whereas, the company is already available on eCommerce and blooming robustly as the demand increases. “Health is going to stay and so is the demand,” she says.

Note-worthy bits of Advice

Shubha Rawal recommends that, first and foremost, the companies should lean towards the merit of meritocracy by defying any discrimination, especially gender’s, whatsoever. They must realize that man or woman can do any work with equal efficiency. It is this belief that forms the core of gender equality at the workplace. She desires that every company should change its mindset to eradicate any sort of gender discrimination. “From the top person to the most bottom level, gender sensitivity and gender equality must be promoted throughout,” she emphasizes. She further utters, women employees should be given equal opportunities to work breaking the gender barrier and supports teamwork in the organization. She also comprehends prioritizing safety of women employees in enterprises by taking appropriate measures like adequate surveillance and security within and around the office premises. Also, strict compliance of prevention, prohibition and redressal of harassment of women at workplace and companies should assure the women workers of its commitment to adherence to zero tolerance policies.

She understands the obstacles a businesswoman might face while building the success path for herself. Amidst such instances, Shubha Rawal advises one to be authentic and not try to force-fit oneself in any kind of mold. “Always remember, you are who you are. Be your own voice. You don’t need to prove yourself every time.” She recommends one to march confidently and grasp every opportunity put forth. “During these timesit’s important to remember why you started to begin with. Focus, prioritize and things will fall in places. After all, it’s not that difficult,” she concludes. 

Quote: “Enjoy the sweet fruit of your work every day and don’t store it for future use. It’ll just rot.

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