World’s Top 5 Tech Startups in 2019 According To Forbes

A startup is a term used for newly established business. Over the last decade, many newly started businesses in the tech industry have revolutionized the industry and become multinational and multibillion-dollar enterprises. Startups are encouraged by governments all over the world especially in the tech sector. This sector is a highly progressive and innovative sector of business that can offer jobs to millions of people all over the world. A startup is a relatively young company and generally issues an IPO after achieving a certain amount of success with the products and services offered by the company. Every year there are many startups that are established all over the world and some of them work while many fail. People who establish startups have new ideas and unique selling propositions to attract customers. The tech industry often keeps a lookout for new startups to invest in which one can offer new products and services to customers. There are major publications like Forbes that keep a tab on these new startups every year. These tech industry startups are ones that are causing the most buzz in the industry in any given year. The following are some of the top tech startups of 2019:


Natural disasters, global warming, and climate change are unfortunately becoming part of our lives. Many people want to take active steps to stop the process of climate change and one of the key ways to do this is to use renewable sources of energy. A Bulb is a great app that is becoming popular in 2019 where members are provided with direct renewable forms of energy to power their everyday lives. Bulb provides renewable wind, solar and energy. It also provides 100% carbon neutral gas at very affordable tariff rates. The process of using renewable energy through this app is a convenient way to be eco- friendly in the 21st century.


Globechain is a service that provides a platform where businesses can donate old items to local charities and to those in need. There is a simple process where businesses sign up and list the items they want to donate. The app or online platform connects the people who want to donate with recipient charities in need of such donations. The pickup is organized and the social impact data is provided to the business.


Huel is an online service that provides meal replacement drinks. Huel offers customers nutritious “ready to drink” drinks in different flavors, gluten-free Huel powder for drinks, Huel flavor boosts in different flavors, Huel candy, and granola bars and also sells Huel accessories. Huel is vegan, nutritious, lactose-free, soy free, GMO-free and is very nutritious as it is designed by top nutritionists. Huel is a great startup and is a top tech startup according to Forbes.


Innovation is the key to growth and there are millions of innovators, researchers, and scientists all over the world. This is a great database that is used by research scientists; intellectual property rights experts, and patent seekers all over the world. The database gives companies and individuals in this field access to 130 million documents in the field of research and development, intellectual property, strategy and business, and life sciences. 


Healthcare is a major issue all over the world. One of the top startups recommended by Forbes is Nurx. This app connects patients with qualified real doctors and provides affordable prescription drugs to patients. The app specializes in birth control, HIV pills, HPV screening, and emergency contraception pills.  Medication, testing kits, and a prescription are all available through this app and they provide discreet home deliveries of this app.


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