Yoga is better than Gym for losing weight

Yoga is better than Gym for losing weight

Exercise has always been a part of daily life for generations. However, the concept of exercise and the way it is done has evolved. As man evolved and discovered modern comforts of life, the daily physical effort or toil, has reduced for many. That is why exercise happens either at the gym or people do yoga. Yoga is a physical, spiritual, and mental form of exercise that originated in ancient India. It is much better than going to the gym for losing the weight.

Weight loss is a problem for many in the 21st century, as obesity has increased in the populations over the last few decades. For weight loss, it is essential to do physical exercise and also to change the mental dependency of people on food. At the gym, people can burn calories and take care of the physical aspect of weight loss. With Yoga, they can change the way they approach life, change their eating habits and gain control over their mental dependency on food.

The following are the reasons why Yoga is better than going to the gym:

No Expensive Equipment Needed

Different gym workouts require expensive exercise machines and equipment at the gym. The monthly gym subscription fees are quite high and experienced trainers need to be teaching members how to use this equipment. With yoga, at a yoga class, or at home, a simple yoga mat is sufficient. It is basically about simple physical exercise that benefits the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga helps in losing weight with no harmful effect.

Improves Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the goal for many people who hit the gym and the ones that do yoga. Though the gym helps burn calories and tone the body, it is a simple physical exercise that requires continuous membership of the gym. Many people who leave gym exercises put on the flab and calories almost immediately. Yoga exercises can be done at home and yoga can easily become a way of life. It helps to tone the overall body and detoxifies it from within.

Benefits Mental Health

One of the biggest advantages of yoga over simple gym exercise is that it aides the improvement of overall mental health. The yoga asanas have been designed in such a way that they help physical and mental health. It helps calm the mind and reduce the stress in this fast and difficult world. It helps reduce anxiety, weight loss and helps people get a sense of inner strength, balance, and relaxation which gym exercises cannot help achieve.

Improves Core Strength

Though gym equipment helps people burn calories and build muscles, it not necessarily helps in increasing strength. Core strength creates stamina, endurance, flexibility and this can be achieved through Yoga asanas. Many Yoga asanas decrease body fat, build upper and lower body strength, and make people feel more active and agile.

Yoga, if done in the right way with proper guidance is much more useful and beneficial than going to the gym. It is a discipline that has been practiced for centuries with documented and well-proven results in weight loss.

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