Automation for 2021 | Implementing Automation Technology

The year 2021 is to be considered as the year of Automation, here’s why. The COVID-19 pandemic leads to nation-wide lockdowns in almost every affected country making employees work from home. And this ‘work from home’ model is being accepted by every industry out there. But not all enterprises can experience such a boon as many are subjected to manufacturing and supply chain industry. Thus, various industries are comprehending the importance of implementation of new advancements for businesses to function efficiently. These technologies have had been utilized by many enterprises as it promises a secure business structure and help in cost-cutting without disrupting the production or efficiency.

Currently, numerous organizations are harnessing Automation to robustly refine the customer experience, whilst its digital benefits can be useful in other services through optimization. More than competition, the company is always more concerned about adjusting their market dynamics as per the customers’ expectations are need. Through automation, every enterprise can make up their losses and gain more growth if taken transition to automation as early as possible. As per the World Economic Forum, almost more than 80 percent of C-level executives are planning to digitize their organizational processes and deploy new advancements. Meanwhile, other substantial working executives plan to integrate some new process which goes handily with the automation in their factories. Meanwhile, it is also been said that automation can be seen in various others sectors such as cybersecurity and even retail.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), you might have come across this concept many times, then should understand that many industries are trying to implement in their process as it’s the future. Once said “Internet is the new big thing” for Internet by Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is the new big thing. AI gives system the power to make decisions as per the situations without any manual interference, resulting in the eradication of human error. Along with this there are also various leading technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), cloud services, IoT are accelerating automation such as robotics to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for businesses in such industries. Thus industries like automobile, healthcare, aerospace, as well as in financial services are harnessing this automation for greater stature in the future.

Like discussed earlier, these technologies helps an organization to be more decisive and virtually helps the processes such as customer experiences. Be it end-user, middlemen, along the supply chain or even retailer, many well-developed organizations are investing in infrastructures to be a cloud-based model, as it helps in managing the data and also can be compatible with the new plausible operations.

Let us first understand the significance of cloud-based infrastructure in an organization. Data is one of the core aspect of any business, and its maintenance should not be neglected. Being the critical need, data provides a base foundation for every digital services, including AI and deep neutral networks, machine learning and more. These data-driven digital services holds algorithmic-based operations. Therefore, various companies and organizations are taking help of new technologies for their data storages, as computing cannot keep up with continuous increase of information or data. This leads the data piling up in the storages asking for more compound solutions, making it difficult for any enterprise to move from traditional to fully relying on the innovations and news solutions.

Thus many industries are partnering with various cloud-based platforms which have reliable cloud architecture. This cloud technology platforms are leveraging these industrial manufacturers to be more innovation-driven to a better growth.

This new wave of technology has taken over the interest of manufacturers that will apparently disrupt the way of traditional businesses. Such a change has occurred by bringing virtually data in reality. Automation and Virtual technologies are significantly playing a major role in the on-going digital transformation. Implementing cloud-based technology is best way to rocket boost any business to an uplifted stature. The organizations that are and will be taking initiatives to harness these sort of technologies are the one that will disrupt the traditional methods and create a new growth without hampering the innovation spectrum. The business world is continuously growing and so must one. Adapting and implementing new technologies and methods such as automation has always proven to be good.

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