Microsoft’s Emergency Patch is been Monitored by U.S. Government after a Hack

As per various report, the U.S. government is closely tracking on an emergency patch released by Microsoft Corporation, post an alleged hacking group breached in company’s mail server software, which created a tension in the biggest software making industry

We are closely tracking Microsoft’s emergency patch for previously unknown vulnerabilities in Exchange Server software and reports of potential compromises of U.S. think tanks and defense industrial base entities,” National security adviser, Jake Sullivan tweeted.

This news broke out with Jake’s tweet on Twitter raising a concern of the national as well as international data breaching theft. “We encourage network owners to patch ASAP,” Jake added. The tweet was also attached with a link including Microsoft’s notice of the security update.

The reports also suggested that ever since the SolarWinds Corp—a Texas-based software firm—was hacked, Microsoft’s almost ubiquitous suite of software is under the radar. This Texas-based software firm served as a springboard for various intrusions across sectors. The hackers mainly took advantage of diversification set by customers’ Microsoft services to segregate their objectives by finding the affected networks. Similar hackers who attacked SolarWinds also attacked Microsoft, mostly accessing and downloading source code. The affected aspects were calendaring products, emails, as well as Exchange.

This American multinational computer corporation, Microsoft established in 1975 by Harvard College dropouts Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Currently, it has become the largest software company and also one of the most valuable organization in the world. The company invests the developing and supporting various list of software services and products which caters to different needs of users. There was witnessed some downfall in the year 2000, but later it retained its top stature in both personal computing and other businesses. Microsoft made a fortune in directly dealing with the consumers as the operating system was heavily used by numerous people including new generations.

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