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Ekta Ahuja: Transforming Homes with Innovative Services

With more than 19 years of experience at the forefront of the interior design industry, Ar. Ekta Ahuja is one of the most well-known interior designers in Pune. Ekta received her architecture degree from Dr. B.N College of Architecture, Pune, and soon she worked with Ar. Hafeez Contractor, who is an icon in the field.

Later Ekta founded her own Architecture & Interior Designing house named; Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers, which is a true reflection of effulgence, brilliance, and splendour that echoes through every architectural and interior design it creates with finesse. Ekta and her team’s relentless passion for contemporary art and design inspires them to create a stunning vision of luxury, style, and grandeur like never before.  

The ever-evolving style from Ekta is often best defined as ‘classic contemporary’ creating a stylish and nonchalant dialogue. Ekta’s use of neutral tone in furniture and adding colours with artifacts, artworks, and soft furnishings creates unique, memorable, and inspired spaces.

Transforming Homes

Thanks to an experienced, highly qualified, and dynamic team of interior designers, technicians, architects, and project managers specializing in various aspects of design, Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers’ employees allow it to offer the best experience for its clients.

Ekta and her team manage the entire process starting from the conception stage through the completion stage. The team is equally happy to work on both residential and commercial projects, both in Pune and outstation.

Tejomaya offers multiple services for its clients, which include;

  • Interior Architecture & Space Planning: Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers are one of the best residential interior designers in Pune. As the founder of the firm, Ekta takes a complete overview of every project, so that every aspect of the scheme is completely integrated and is in line with the clients’ brief. The architectural design team is very much well versed, when it comes to providing various internal services like state-of-the-art AV, Automation, HVAC, Lighting Systems, and MEP.
  • Interior Space Planning: Sometimes, a small change can bring a huge difference to a troublesome area. Interior Space Planning is Ekta’s specialty, and this service helps to bring out the best of any space without having to make any major changes.
  • Furniture Design: Rather than following a distinct house, Ekta and her team ensure that every project Tejomaya undertakes is perfectly tailored to its clients’ needs, tastes, and style.
  • Lighting Design: Just like every human, all rooms and buildings have their personality, and most of the time few touch-ups and proper lighting design consultation, one can make it stand out. So, Ekta and her team work with their clients throughout the whole process to get the best out of it.
  • Landscape: Tejomaya Architects and Ekta is best known for their pre-construction consultations. Ekta feels an impressive space or structure that often leaves a long-lasting memory and impression that can be bought to light by natural lights and landscapes. Ekta and her team use these features extensively indoors and outdoors.
  • Interior Styling Consultation: As every room or building has its personality and stories to tell, Ekta uses many materials, textures, and colors to make each place comfortable, and welcoming.
  • Old Property RenovationRestoration-Remodel: Under Ekta’s leadership, Tejomaya architects identifies the proper methods to transform old properties for the new intended usage.

Tackling Challenges

During the initial days of Tejomaya architects, it was more of a one-woman show, with Ekta only. However, with time, the company grew and hired new architects, supervisors, and other team members.

Although, the main challenge for Ekta was always recruiting the right talent because Tejomaya architect does bespoke designs. So, the organization needs to have a good amount of talent, who can follow Ekta’s design sensibilities, and show clients’ personalities in their designs.

Inspiring Employees

The pandemic was a tough time for everyone, but the planning and organizational skills of Ekta and her team helped them to sail through. Since everybody moved to a work from home concept, it increased Ekta’s horizon to hire new talents across the country.

Ekta Ahuja also witnessed that people understood the value of a good home, so her industry and business has flourished post-Covid. So, once work starts flowing, the team automatically gets motivated. Also, being in the office after a long time has motivated people to a large extent. Additionally, when a bunch of creative minds works together it’s a different outcome. She says, “Learning is a continuous process and it can happen only when you are exchanging ideas in our field, so that’s the biggest motivation for them to work in a team and see their project come up and site getting done.”

Future Roadmap

For the future, Ekta Ahuja and her team at Tejomaya are venturing into a lot of architectural work, so Ekta wants to increase the horizon of her firm and is looking to expand her team pan India. She also has an architectural department, which is doing more and more architectural work.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

When we requested Ekta to provide some suggestions for the young entrepreneurs. She says, “The most valuable advice I have always received, and I would like to pass it on that you should always stand by your values and beliefs as if you don’t stand by something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Company Name: Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers

Management: Ar. Ekta Ahuja, Founder

URL: tejomayadesigns.com

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