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Virtual i Technologies launched Hi My Eye video communication software for hybrid customer service operations without geographical limitations

Virtual i Technologies launched its new product Hi My Eye today. Hi My Eye provides video communication, collaboration, virtual inspection, customer service and maintenance software solutions for multiple industries.

Zurich, Switzerland, xx April, 2022 – Virtual i Technologies carries its experience in agile and hybrid working solutions for the insurance industry to a broader spectrum with Hi My Eye. Hi My Eye  virtual communication software enables inspections, discoveries, customer onboarding and support online anytime, anywhere without the need for travel, delivering for a wide portfolio of industries from banking, health, hospitality to SaaS, manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and more.

Hi My Eye enables accurate, real-time, structured data gathering via video communication. With its 7-API-point infrastructure it is easy to implement for any local systems as well as available on prem and whitelabel. Developers can adopt the software to their own platforms in up to 2 weeks including integration and tests. With its easy-to-adopt and user-friendly infrastructure, it is the perfect solution for workforce collaboration between clients, project managers, inspectors and crew members (even in remote locations), collecting audiovisual evidence and tracking documentation.

Designed for All Industries

Rather than focusing on limited video conferencing, Hi My Eye is designed for uninterrupted real-time data gathering and verification with 360° video meetings to bring you together with your teams, clients or business partners that are multi-located. Hi My Eye connects remote users with the full context of a real-world location, enabling more effective virtual data collection and communication. Hi My Eye software is easy to use for customer operation, technical support, onboarding teams and all hybrid workers. The software provides secure, easy, remote data collection for different industries such as logistics, health, real-estate, defense, banking, SaaS, e-commerce, energy, retail and more.

Uninterrupted Process

Even in remote areas, with Hi My Eye it is possible to easily collect audio-visual data anytime, anywhere. Users can easily record videos, take photos, and get the location of the callee in a structured secure way. It is automatically uploaded to the cloud for you to operate smoothly.

  • No more traveling for or waiting for your customers at your office for customer service operations. Immediate video customer service with Hi My Eye
  • Need to adopt today’s hybrid work and service environment? Onboard, support your customers online anytime, anywhere without traveling.
  • Don’t worry about months of development and integration timeframes. Hi My Eye is ready to go live in under 2 weeks with easy API integration.

Easy Start for the Modern way of Customer Service with 3-months Saving

Virtual i Technologies welcomes their visionary customers who adopt their businesses in agile and hybrid operations for a smoother customer journey with a complimentary 3 months subscription offer. Companies can now start using Hi My Eye without a technical subscription fee for the first 3 months.

Veysel Sinan Geylani, Founder and CEO of Virtual i Technologies: “What we are eager to do at Virtual i Technologies is to support the growth of our customers and enabling them to become a global player in the competition with our ground-breaking technology. We carry the mission to make high technologies such as uninterrupted data gathering accessible for all sizes of companies. Today I am happy to make available our AI-backed data driven technology, which we developed for the insurance industry, now to all sectors to improve our client-centric approach. With Hi My Eye, it is possible to adopt customer services  into today’s changing customer needs in an agile way.

About Virtual i Technologies

AI-backed solutions for insurance underwriting and more

Founded in 2018, Virtual i Technologies provides intelligent solutions that allow the insurance industry to assess risks before insuring them. The company, based in Zurich and operating globally, enables the insurance industry to shift from good faith-based underwriting to dynamic and data-based decision making.

Created and patented by Virtual i Technologies, [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space offers an innovative platform to assess risks of different sizes, from micro to large, before they happen. As a unique, technology-based and cost-effective platform, [VRS]™ brings immediate and visible results to the insurance industry. With Hi My Eye, Virtual i Technologies expanded the user ecosystem from the insurance industry by enabling  innovative high-tech solutions accessible for agile operations in various industries.

With its outlier vision, Virtual i Technologies is awarded by Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab, DXC Invitational Insurtech – Europe 2021, ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge, AGEAS INsure Open Innovation Program among others.

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