Important Instagram Marketing Tips for Startups

Are you a start-up using Instagram to market your business?

This time, Instagram is growing rapidly and has become one of the most powerful social media platforms. Large follower counts and massive engagement rate prove that the Instagram account is important for building an audience for your brand. The higher the engagement rate is, the more traffic can be driven to other social channels and website.

But for this, you need to optimize your posts and focus on creating a unique marketing message. Here are several tips that can help you gain traction in the short term and thus make this marketing channel profitable.

Use Right Hashtags to Expand Your Reach

Hastags play a major role in increasing your brand’s reach on Instagram. Focus on relevant hashtags that include your brand name and punch line.

Once, your start-up becomes famous, more people will use your hashtags and buy products from your company.

Instagram Stories for Brand Narrative

Instagram stories give an amazing user experience. You can upload off-the-cut images and videos to your Instagram story and create a buzz for 24 hours.

With Instagram Stories, you can target new audiences. Your account on Instagram is like a mini-TV channel for your brand, take advantage of its features and create viral contents.

Work with Influencers

On Instagram, working with influencers can generate a massive buzz for your offerings. Influencers help you to create a positive identity and great reputation for your start-up. Check follower counts and engagement before working with any particular influencer.

Have a Unique Theme

If you want to get solid followers on Instagram, create your profile with a consistent and unique theme. Instagram marketing is not limited to the number of followers or likes but this platform is about telling stories and showcasing compelling messages.

Show your brand’s uniqueness through your creativity in Instagram posts, highlight and stories.

Offers Discounts

By offering exclusive deals on Instagram, you can see an increment in your ROI. Come up with offers for Instagram followers and special deals, giveaways and freebies.

Go Live

Once, you create a base on Instagram, try to go live on a regular basis. It helps you to connect with followers, ask them questions.

On live, you can share words about your latest products or services, new releases, etc. Besides, you can ask for people’s feedback about your offering.

Go for Instagram Ads

When you are focusing on different marketing strategies, you must consider Instagram ads. There are numerous advertising options for an Instagram account holder to choose from. Photos ads and videos ads are standard Instagram posts.

Also, Carousel ads are slideshow ads for various aims. The feeds or the stories ads are the most effective Instagram ads.

Use Analytics

Keep an eye on the results from your promotions, posts and ads. Track how many views your posts generate. There are various types of tools that are helpful in tracking, monitoring and analyzing Instagram posts. It allows you to channelize your promotional strategies easily.

So that’s it on Instagram Marketing Tips. Focus on providing value to people and offer value and creativity in ways that can capture attention.

As a start-up, your ultimate goal should be building a brand that speaks for itself!

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